Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2184

Zachary: “Grandma, is there any way to make Seren stop vomiting?”
Grandma May said: “Most people will have morning sickness, but it is only in the early stages of pregnancy. After three months, it
will gradually stop vomting. As long as the vomting is not very severe, you can bear it. If the vomiting is too severe, go to the
hospital to see a doctor.”
Grandma May reminded her granddaughter-in-law: “Don’t take medicine indiscriminately. You are pregnant, and many medicines
cannot be used.”
Serenity said: “Grandma, I know, I won’t take medicine indiscriminately, just bear with it.”
At the end, she enviously said: “Jasmine doesn’t vomit very much.”
When it came to her, she responded.
Grandma May: “Everyone is different. Some people don’t vomit when they are pregnant with their first child, but they vomit to
death when they are pregnant with their second child.”
Serenity touched her lower abdomen and said, “I hope I don’t vomit until I die.”
Zachary: “I’ll take Seren to the hospital for a checkup later, and ask the doctor if there’s any way to make her vomiting lighter.”
Serenity: “It just started, maybe I won’t vomit in a few days.”
Liberty poured a glass of warm water for her sister and handed it to her.
Serenity: “Sister, I don’t want to drink plain water now, I feel like vomiting after drinking it. Sour, salty, do you have any, give me
Zachary said: “There are no snacks at home, and the sauerkraut asked me to cook noodles with sauerkraut. I will send someone
to buy snacks with sour immediately.”
Mrs. Lane came in from the balcony and took the conversation, “Do you want some sour, young mistress? I’ll go out and buy two
packs of plums right now.
Do you have Sanhua plums? Oh, it is impossible to have Sanhua plums in this season. Then buy plums. If you want sour ones, I
want to have that one now.”

Mrs. Lane hurried out to buy plums.
Liberty reminded her younger sister: “It’s good for you to have a plum once in a while, and don’t eat too much, be careful of soft
Serenity: “Sister, I see.”
Zachary helped Serenity to the sofa and sat down. He stood next to her and looked at her worriedly.
He hesitated to speak several times.
Liberty went to clear the table.
Seeing her grandson’s appearance, Grandma May said to him: “Zack, you don’t have to worry. Morning sickness is a process
that many pregnant mothers have to go through. You think it’s so easy to raise a child. In the future, you have to treat Seren
better. She is willing to give birth to children for you in the best years, endure the pain of pregnancy, and not be afraid of shape
deformation. It is because she loves you. Don’t let Seren down, otherwise grandma will be the first to spare you.”
People who admired the oldest grandson would pop up from time to time.
Grandma May believed that her grandson was not the kind of person who wanted to change his mind. But she still couldn’t help
but say a few words to her grandson.
Before Zachary could speak, Serenity defended the man, she said: “Grandma, Zachary has treated me very well, he made me
the envy of the whole Wiltspoon.”
“You will be with him for the rest of his life. If he is not good to you, who is he good to?” Grandma May had always been partial to
her granddaughter-in-law.
“Grandma, I do not wish to make any promises; I will demonstrate this through my actions. Grandma, when will Seren vomit?
Must she throw up after every meal?” Zachary’s thoughts were all on his wife’s morning sickness.
He really wanted to do what Clive said and did, but he knew that he couldn’t learn from Clive.
If he dared to say such a thing, grandma would definitely slap him.

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