Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2186

Grandma May wanted to slap her again.
Serenity quickly grabbed Grandma May’s hand, “Grandma, I won’t be angry anymore, don’t beat him anymore, he is in his
thirties, if you beat him, he will be ashamed.”
Grandma May: “Although Seren is protecting you and didn’t say anything wrong with you, grandma still has to warn you, you’re
dishonest, grandma won’t be the first to spare you!”
Zachary smiled wryly: “Grandma, I know. I’m honest, I’ve always been honest, okay?
Soon, Mrs. Lane bought Huamei and came back.
Serenity couldn’t wait to tear off the package, picked one and put it in her mouth. The sour taste lingered in her mouth. She
smiled and said, “I just like this taste.”
Seeing that Serenity liked it, Zachary heaved a sigh of relief.
After a short rest, Zachary took Serenity out to the hospital for an examination.
Grandma May and Liberty still stayed in Brynfield.
Mrs. Lane continued to be busy with her affairs.
When she was free, Grandma May had time to ask about Liberty and Duncan.
“You and Duncan haven’t made any progress yet? Duncan’s love for you is a lesson from heaven and earth. Mrs. Lewis won’t
stop you now, so give Duncan a chance.”
In order to look after Serenity, Grandma May planned not to go out and pick her granddaughter-in-law.
But she still wanted to be a matchmaker as soon as she was free.
Liberty is also concerned about Grandma May, and she really wanted to help Duncan.
Liberty was also a good one.
Even though she was divorced and had a child, as long as Duncan didn’t dislike her, she could still be happy.

This age was different from their previous age.
People in the past thought that divorce was a shameful thing, and no matter how bad life was, they had to endure it. People
nowadays, as long as they can’t live on, let go and let each other be free.
After Liberty was silent, he said: “Grandma, I’m busy with my career now, and I really haven’t given much thought to my
relationship. Mr. Lewis is so good, I always feel that I’m not good enough for him. If I hadn’t been divorced and hadn’t had kids,
“What happened to the divorce? It’s not your fault.” Grandma May interrupted her, “It’s not that Duncan doesn’t know what’s
going on with you. He likes Sonny so much, so you don’t have to worry that he won’t be able to accept Sonny. Give him a
chance, and he will treat Sonny as his own.”
Grandma May smiled and said: “Duncan said that he liked Sonny very much at first, so he paid attention to you. Later, when he
knew you were Zack’s oldest sister, he paid more attention to you. Speaking of which, he would like you, it’s because he likes
He has also seen you when you were in the most embarrassing situation. He has seen you when you were a fat man weighing
two hundred catties, but he still likes you, which shows that he is absolutely sincere to you.
No matter how well you do, some people will say that you are not doing well. Why should we care about what others say,
affecting and destroying our mood? It’s not worth it. You live a good life, you enjoy the blessing, and you live a happy life. If you
are not doing well, you are the one who suffers, and others cannot enjoy blessings or suffer for you. So we don’t care what other
people say.
I still hope that you can give Duncan a chance. It’s not easy for him to come to this day because of you. How is his rehabilitation
Grandma May felt sorry for Duncan.
A good person, suddenly about to sit in a wheelchair.
“Mr. Lewis insists on doing rehabilitation every day, but the weather is hot, he usually does rehabilitation in the morning, and then
goes to my new restaurant in the afternoon. I am now trying to cook some dishes that I have never cooked before, and he has
become a helper. The one I tried.”

“Where’s your ex-husband?” Grandma May asked about Hank again.

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