Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2187

Liberty was silent for a while before saying: “He came out of the intensive care unit and was transferred to a normal ward. I took
Sonny to see him while he was recovering.”
Grandma May hummed, “Does he still want to get back together with you?”
“He regretted it, but he didn’t say anything about remarrying me. He and Jessica haven’t divorced yet. His family wants him to
get a divorce. According to him, he doesn’t want a divorce.
But even if he divorces, I will not remarry him. He is Sonny’s father, and I will not prevent the father and son from meeting and
cultivating their relationship, but I will definitely not remarry him for Sonny.”
After a pause, Liberty continued: “The Brown family always wanted him to remarry me. How could it be possible to remarry? My
heart is broken. If I die, it is impossible to turn back.
The ones that are as good as those relatives in my hometown are all top quality.”
Liberty was always worried that her sister would be dragged down because of her own affairs. Although they found their aunt
back, her aunt’s family was in a good condition and could support the sisters to some extent, but the business was a business,
not Hunt’s.
She was always worried that the York family would look down on her sister, so she tried not to trouble her sister as much as
possible, and she didn’t say anything about things that she could solve.
She was not strong enough to be a strong support for her sister, so she didn’t hold her back, or at least didn’t make trouble for
Grandma May nodded and said, “Don’t be burdened, and don’t think that you will drag Serenity down. You have been married for
so long, and you know the character of my York family. If you have difficulties, just speak up. If you can think that way, grandma
can rest assured, at least you don’t have to worry that you will be coaxed by Brown family.”
“Grandma, I won’t. It’s enough to jump into the fire pit once, how can I jump twice. At the beginning, the divorce was so
troublesome. Thanks to Zachary’s help, I was able to get a smooth divorce according to my wishes. I’m not stupid enough to
remarry Hank. If he lives better than me, will he turn back? No.
Let him and Jessica continue to entangle.”

At the time of the divorce, when Hank was mentioned, Liberty would have some mood swings, but now, even if Hank died, she
would not have any mood swings anymore.
To her, Hank was just her son’s father now.
It had nothing to do with her.
Grandma May: “Think about Duncan. He is definitely not a man like Hank. If you are with Duncan, all of us can rest assured.
Seren will not persuade you to remarry. In fact, she still hopes that you can find true love and have someone to rely on. You are
taking care of Sonny alone, and you have to take care of your business. It is also very tiring. Duncan can help you take the
pressure off.
The main reason is that Duncan likes Sonny very much, and he can treat Sonny like his own.”
Liberty looked at Grandma May, and suddenly hugged Grandma May’s arm, resting her head on Grandma May’s shoulder, and
said with a smile: “Grandma, I seriously suspect that you went to Lewis’s house first when you came back, and met Mr. Lewis.”
Grandma May always spoke for Duncan.
Grandma May also smiled and said: “Then you have wronged grandma. No matter how much grandma loves Duncan, she will
take care of her own children first. Grandma saw that Zack and Serenity are so happy, and they are a couple. I hope you will too.
You can accept new love affairs and have new happiness. Liberty, a person’s life is only a few decades, happiness is the most
important thing!”
Liberty: “Grandma, I have no prejudice against Mr. Lewis, but the gap between me and him is too big. Even if he doesn’t dislike
me, and his mother doesn’t stop me, I still feel that I am not worthy of him. He is now working hard on rehabilitation and I work
hard to start a business.
When he stands up again and can walk like a normal person, I think, I can also rely on my own efforts to have a certain amount
of wealth, and then with him, at least I will be less stressed. Lest others say that I did it for his money is for his status.”

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