Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2191

Josh said: “The security guards have memorized the cars you and the president’s wife use by heart, and they notified me when
they saw that you had not entered the company. I thought I did something wrong. You didn’t go in to see me when you came
here. I was so scared that I dropped what I was doing and crawled out.”
Jasmine burst out laughing, even the bodyguard couldn’t help laughing, but he didn’t dare to laugh want only like the young
mistress, so he could only stop laughing and hold back his laughter.
Jasmine: “I made it sound like I was disgusting, and you were still rolling and crawling. I only saw you running out, but I didn’t see
you rolling and crawling. You said that, why don’t I get out of the car and perform rolling and crawling? Let me see.”
Josh said: “My wife wants to watch me roll and crawl, so I’ll get off the car and show you.”
He said he was about to get out of the car.
Jasmine grabbed him and yelled at him: “You are serious, just kidding you.”
Josh smiled and said: “As I said, the most important thing is that you are happy. As long as you want me to do something, I will
do it.”
As he said that, he was already seated on the car seat, and sighed: “It’s still comfortable to have the air conditioner blowing on it.
It’s only a short walk, and I’m already sunburned, it’s so hot.”
Jasmine: “Those who are engaged in construction have to go to work in hot weather.”
Josh: “That’s right, the construction team works very hard in summer. Did you see your best friend when you went to Zachary’s
Jasmine shook her head, “I didn’t see her, she was too loyal. She came back yesterday and didn’t tell me. This morning, she
took a picture of Brynfield downstairs and posted it on Moments. It was located in Brynfield, so I knew she was back.”
Zachary was the one who announced the good news yesterday, and the only ones who dared to disturb Serenity were her
relatives and friends. No one knew that she was back, and they just congratulated her on WhatsApp.
When Jasmine found out that her friend was pregnant, she was even happier than when she was pregnant. She started
preparing nutritional products yesterday afternoon, thinking that she would send it to Serenity’s home when she came back from
FC Manor.

When she was pregnant, everyone also gave her nutritional supplements.
Josh: “The couple is probably overjoyed. Zachary probably knew his wife was pregnant and came back in a hurry. He must go
back to Wildridge Manor first. The elders of the York family live at Wildridge Manor for the elderly. When they heard the good
news, they surrounded Serenity, and Zachary might be squeezed into a corner. Serenity probably won’t have the chance or the
time to talk to you guys properly.”
Josh was indeed a good buddy of Zachary, who understood Zachary’s temper.
He could also guess Zachary’s situation yesterday. Didn’t Zachary just get squeezed into a corner by his elders yesterday?
“I’m not angry.” Jasmine smiled, “You don’t have to be nervous to speak for your good buddy.”
Josh: “I know you’re not angry; you and Serenity have been friends for many years. Serenity ranks ahead of me in your heart,
how could you be angry with her? Besides, my wife has a big heart and won’t plan those things. When you were pregnant, we
also notified our family members first, and then our friends.”
“Are you off work?” Jasmine quickly changed the topic.
“My wife has come to pick me up from get off work. Of course I have to get off work. I’ll talk about it in the afternoon if I have
anything to do. Let’s go home and have dinner or go to the hotel?”
Josh ordered the bodyguard to drive.
Jasmine: “Aren’t you going in and driving your car?”
Josh: “Don’t go in, it’s terribly hot outside. It’s going to be a National Day holiday soon, and it’s still so hot.”
Jasmine sighed: “Wiltspoon, it’s not cold in winter, let alone autumn. When we were young, we felt that the four seasons were
distinct, but now it’s getting hotter every year.”

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