Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2195

The Sox family didn’t know that the young couple would come over for lunch.
After hearing the horn, Mrs. Sox said to her husband: “Did I hear it wrong? I think it is the horn coming from our door.”
At noon, the couple had lunch.
The younger generation didn’t have time to go home for lunch because they had jobs.
Mr. Sox said: “I didn’t hear the dog barking. It should not belong to our relatives. Perhaps the son next door brought back his ex-
“When will our son bring a girlfriend back?” Mrs. Sox sighed.
The daughters were all married, while the son did not yet have a girlfriend.
“Our son is not in a hurry, why are you in a hurry. Our son is still young.”
Soon, there was the sound of the door opening outside.
Hearing the sound of the door opening, the couple looked at each other.
Immediately, Mrs. Sox put down the bowls and chopsticks, got up and walked out of the house.
Seeing the car, the dog rushed to the gate of the yard, shaking his head and tail.
“Husband, Jasmine is back.” When Mrs. Sox saw her daughter’s car, she happily turned her head and called out to her husband.
Then she walked down the steps and walked a dozen steps before stopping. When the bodyguard stopped the car, she walked
to the back seat of the car.
As soon as the car door opened, Mrs. Sox first noticed her son-in-law. Mrs. Sox smiled so broadly that her eyes became a line.
Josh got out of the car and called Mom sweetly. Then he turned around to help his beloved wife get off the car, only to find that
Jasmine got off from the other side.
When Jasmine got off the car, she also helped to get things.

“Josh, you’re here. Have you eaten yet? Why don’t you call back in advance?” Mrs. Sox asked with a smile. She glanced behind
her son-in-law and found that her daughter got off the car from the other side.
She warmly greeted her son-in-law into the house.
“I just got off work, and Jasmine wanted to come back for lunch, so the two of us came back directly. Mom, is there a meal for the
two of us?” Josh went into the house with his mother-in-law and asked her.
Jasmine called her mother.
The two bodyguards also got out of the car.
Mr. Sox came out from the house and called everyone into the house.
Mrs. Sox said with a smile: “I put a few more rice in every meal, just because I am afraid that any of you will suddenly come back
and have nothing to eat. There are dozens of chickens and ducks at home, so you don ‘t have to worry about leftovers.”
“Mom raises so many chickens and ducks.” Josh smiled and said, “Where is it raised?”
“Jasmine’s uncle has contracted for several lychee gardens. The chickens and ducks we bought were all raised in her uncle’s
lychee garden. They are eaten during the New Year. These are real free-range chickens. I’ll catch a few for you to kill and eat
during the New Year.”
Although Mrs. Sox was a charter woman, her monthly rent was in the six figures but she retained the previous living habits.
Every year, dozens of chickens were caught and brought back to be raised, eaten during the New Year, and visited by relatives.
“The free-range chicken is delicious, so I’m lucky.” Josh laughed.
He didn’t dislike his mother-in-law only giving him a few free-range chickens for the New Year.
Mrs. Sox: “I’ll eventually catch a bunch of chickens and bring them back to raise. I’ll eat them while Jasmine is confined. During
confinement, the women in the village are required to kill a chicken every day.”
Jasmine: “…Mom, I can’t eat a chicken every day. I’m terrified of chicken.”

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