Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2198

Shawn had returned from the branch office and re-entered the headquarters of Lowe Enterprise. He also made connections with
his mother, met a famous daughter, and the two began to fall in love.
He knew very well in his heart that only when he fell in love and got married would Zachary let go of his guard against him.
Jasmine: “Last time, Seren accompanied Young Master York to a banquet. When they saw Shawn, the two of them just greeted
him politely. Young Master York was upset. Mom, the next time Shawn comes to our house, tell him quietly that Serenity is
pregnant. Let him stop worrying.”
Mrs. Sox: “Let him have a good time with his girlfriend, we are all waiting to drink his wedding wine.”
From the very beginning, Jasmine opposed her cousin’s pursuit of Serenity.
Because when she knew that Shawn was in love with Serenity, Serenity had already married Zachary.
Moreover, Serenity only had sibling affection for Shawn, not male and female affection.
She urged her cousin to give up.
For a while, Shawn had been taking the route of the male mistress.
It was Zachary who exposed his identity to Mr. Lowe and warned Mr. Lowe to take care of his son and not miss his wife Seren.
Only then did Shawn know that Serenity’s flash marriage husband was Young Master York, who could cover the sky with one
hand in Wiltspoon.
At that moment, his world became dark, and the road he almost embarked on as a male junior was quickly cut off by his parents,
who sent him away from Wiltspoon, and sent him to a branch of Lowe Enterprise as an ordinary worker.
Zachary’s anger didn’t burn down, and the Lowe family kept the Lowe Enterprise.
Later, Jasmine and Josh fell in love, the Bucham family and the Sox family became in-laws, and the Lowe family and the Sox
family were also in-laws. With this relationship, Zachary and Josh always wanted to give Jasmine face, and did not k!ll Lowe
Enterprise anymore.
When Mrs. Sox heard about Zachary’s methods from her sister-in-law, she was taken aback.

However, Zachary was really not easy to fool.
Mrs. Sox’s impression of Zachary remained at the level of coldness.
Mrs. Sox: “Got it, I’ll just tell your aunt, and your aunt will tell Shawn.”
In fact, everyone was very afraid that Shawn would not be able to really give up.
“Shawn probably won’t get married so soon. He’s only twenty-three or four years old, very young. He also said to date for a few
years first, and then get married when he’s twenty-seven or eight.”
After Mrs. Sox finished speaking, she turned back to her daughter, and she asked with concern: “You have already settled down,
your mother-in-law and seniors still don’t allow you to do this or that?”
Jasmine: “It’s okay, Josh is protecting me, and I’m almost all in charge of the bookstore’s business.”
Jasmine was a typical example of reporting good news but not worrying.
She didn’t want her parents to worry about her.
Originally, she was living well in Bucham family, enjoying the treatment of a national treasure.
Mrs. Sox: “From now on, you and Serenity will have partnership. The wealthy family is like that, with many rules. I think your aunt
married into Lowe family, and it was a difficult life. Fortunately, she also survived. Alas, at the beginning, I was anxious about
your marriage, but I didn’t want you to marry into wealthy family. Your aunt always said that marrying into a wealthy family is all
about gaining a firm foothold. She always wants to introduce you to the rich second generation so that you can also enter the
wealthy family.”
Soon, she said to her daughter angrily: “You’re not doing well now. If your aunt hadn’t always taken you to banquets, you
wouldn’t have laid down like that and left a deep impression on Josh.”

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