Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2200

“Don’t compare yourself with Serenity. Serenity knows how to punch and kick, and her body is better than you. Her sister Liberty
has also suffered a lot. She does what she can, and it doesn’t take much effort. Jasmine, contentment is always happy, don’t
always compare yourself to others.”
After hearing what her mother said, the grievance in Jasmine’s heart disappeared, she nodded, “Mom, I understand, and I will no
longer compare myself to Seren. According to what Josh said, he believed he could make me live a comfortable life without
having to work with a large belly, as others do.”
Mrs. Sox: “That’s right, Josh treats you well. There’s nothing to say. Your parents-in-law and elders treat you very well, treating
you as your own daughter.
October pregnant, maintain a good mood, good for you and the child.”
Jasmine nodded repeatedly.
“Jasmine, wash some fruit and go out to serve them as a meal. I will prepare some nutritional supplements for Serenity. Although
she does not lack these, it is a little bit of my heart. She was raised by her mother, and she has been watched by her for a long
Mrs. Sox still remember the first time she saw Serenity. Serenity was only 11 years old. Because of a fight, the strap of her
schoolbag fell off and her clothes were dirty.
Serenity dared not go back to the rented room, for fear that her sister would find out.
It was Jasmine who took Serenity back to her home.
Then Jasmine asked Mrs. Sox to patch up the straps of Serenity’s schoolbag, and Mrs. Sox gave Serenity a set of Jasmine’s
clothes, and asked her to take a hot bath and change into them.
Mrs. Sox still remembered that when she washed Serenity’s hair and dried her hair with a hair dryer, she asked why Serenity
was fighting.
In the eyes of Mrs. Sox, girls were gentle; even if they had conflicts with their classmates, they were at most quarreling, and they
seldom beat others.
Serenity didn’t say anything but she was crying.

Mrs. Sox was terrified, and asked her: “Girl, what’s wrong with you? Did you get hurt? Where is the injury? Let auntie see.”
Serenity still didn’t say a word. Mrs. Sox turned to Serenity, squatted down, and was about to look through Serenity’s clothes,
trying to check if there was any injury on her body.
Serenity spoke: “They called me a b*stard, saying I didn’t have parents, so I fought with them. I have a father and a mother.”
It was the first time for Mrs. Sox to see Serenity, and she didn’t know about Serenity’s family situation. She asked Serenity, “What
about your parents?”
“They are dead. My parents are dead, I don’t have my parents, but I have my parents. I am not a wild species. Auntie, I am not a
wild species, I was born by my parents, they just went to heaven. My sister said that my parents are always watching us in the
sky. As long as we study hard, live in peace and grow up quickly, my parents will be very happy.
They called me a b*stard, that’s why I fought them. Auntie, I didn’t lose, I won. I forced them to apologize to me and promised not
to call me a b*stard in the future, so I didn’t beat them again.”

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