Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2201

Even her clothes were dirty, and the straps of her schoolbag were ripped off by those students. So Serenity didn’t dare to go
back to the rented house, for fear that her sister would be upset if she found out.
When her sister was in high school, there was a lot of pressure on her to study. At home, there wasn’t much money.
After their parents died in a car accident, the compensation they received was divided among the grandparents, leaving only a
small amount to the sisters.
The elder sister said that they should live frugally, and that little money would be enough for the two sisters to finish college.
Therefore, Serenity felt that if the schoolbag was damaged, her sister would have to spend money to buy a new schoolbag for
her, and she would not dare to go home if it cost money.
Fortunately, her classmate Jasmine who had been playing well with her took her back to the Sox family.
Mrs. Sox was shocked and distressed at that time.
She held Serenity into her arms distressedly, comforted Serenity, and promised to help Serenity fix the strap of her schoolbag, so
that her sister would not find out.
After washing the dirty clothes, Serenity could change back into her own clothes after they were dried in the sun.
Mrs. Sox also found that Serenity’s school uniforms were too big.
Serenity told Mrs. Sox that the previous school uniform didn’t fit well and became smaller, so she picked up her sister’s school
uniform to wear, but her sister was five years older than her, so she wore her sister’s clothes too big.
Mrs. Sox was a person who could make clothes and trams, so she helped Serenity change the unfit school uniforms to fit them.
For Mrs. Sox, Serenity was just her daughter’s classmate. When Serenity’s clothes didn’t fit right, she helped her change them,
which didn’t take much work.
“Mom’s chickens also laid eggs. I’ll pick up a basket later, catch a few more chickens, and send them to Serenity.” Mrs. Sox
muttered, “It’s not something precious, it’s just a little thought. It’s not easy for Serenity and her sister. Serenity is finally pregnant,
and I can let go of my heart. Let me just say, God opened my eyes. After giving Serenity such a good in-law’s family, how could
she not give her a child!?”

“Seren will be very happy. She won’t dislike it.” Jasmine said with a smile, “Mom, give her a bag of the pickled vegetables you
prepared; she must now enjoy eating pickled vegetables.”
“Put a little on it so she can try it. It’s good, but you can’t eat too much of it, and you should eat less pickled things. I pickled our
family’s this year, and they are still very fresh, so I’ll give you a taste, but if you eat more, it won’t work.” Mrs. Sox turned around
and opened the freezer of the refrigerator, took out a bag of dried cucumbers, and said, “I dried the cucumbers and sent a bag to
Serenity. She used to like to eat plain porridge with dried cucumbers.”
Jasmine: “Mom, I want it too. You can’t just focus on Seren. I’m also your daughter and I’m pregnant.”
“If you want to eat, go home and eat.” Mrs. Sox refused to bring her daughter back to her in-law’s house to eat.
The nutritionist at the in-laws’ house was very good, and when they saw it, they would definitely throw away the things.
Jasmine curled her lips and let out an oh.
See, after her mother made her feel better, she was also afraid that her husband’s family would throw away those things. Even if
her mother’s family brought them back, if the nutritionist said they couldn’t eat them, they would throw them away.
Mrs. Sox prepared a lot of things for Serenity, including nutritional products, home-grown eggs, and free-range chickens raised
by herself.
Then she made the fresh ones at home by herself, and she also prepared them for Serenity.
Mrs. Sox could drive on her own. She pulled a car out of the garage and filled it to the brim with things she was going to give to

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