Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2204

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to take my car, Mr. Johnson. I can understand it. I made this trip to take advantage of Ms.
Stone’s opportunity. You just showed up, Mr. Johnson. You didn’t want to be led in the wrong direction. You can go back by
Julian always smiled when he spoke, but in Remy’s ears, every word he said was full of thorns, which made Remy’s heart
Julian asked Elisa: “The suitcase in Mr. Johnson’s hand is yours, right? The pink one should belong to you, girls only like pink.”
As he said that, he stepped forward and pulled Elisa’s suitcase from Remy’s hand, and pulled it to the back of the car. With a
light lift, he stuffed the suitcase into the trunk, and after closing the trunk, He smiled and said to Elisa: “I have reserved a seat at
the Wiltspoon Hotel, and I have also ordered dishes for you, so you can eat there. You can go home after dinner or go shopping,
I can arrange someone to accompany you.”
It meant that Julian would not accompany Elisa.
He came to pick up Elisa, planning to run away after sending her back.
When Julian’s father knew that Zachary was going to be a father, he looked at him with hated for iron.
As if Julian would not be born.
Serenity’s pregnancy was only known to those close to her, but to Patriarch Bucham, it was not a secret, as he could hear a lot
of news by moving his ears.
“Thank you, Mr. Bucham, I want to go home directly.” Elisa knew that Julian was going out in person, even if she refused, Julian
would have a way to make her go back in his car.
She didn’t try to refuse, but pulled Remy into Julian’s car.
Julian smiled and helped her close the car door, then walked around the car, and the person who was about to get in the car
seemed to have stepped on something. He looked down and saw that it was a bunch of keys, and there was a small thing like a
small mirror frame in that bunch of keys, with a one-inch photo inside.

Only then did Julian bend down to pick up the bunch of keys, wiped the little thing like a small mirror frame a few times, wiped off
the dust, and saw clearly the person in the small photo.
It was a photo of a girl. That girl looked like she was in her early twenties; she had a sweet face, and her smile was as bright as a
blooming flower. For some reason, Julian looked at the girl in the photo and felt that his own heart beat faster.
“Julian, what’s wrong?”
Seeing what Julian was laughing at, Elisa pushed open the car door a little, and went out to ask Julian.
“It’s nothing, I don’t know whose key dropped and I stepped on it.” Julian immediately put the bunch of keys into his trouser
pocket, and then got into the car as if nothing had happened.
Elisa didn’t say anything, and closed the car door.
Julian asked the two people in the back seat of the car while fastening his seat belt: “Have you two decided not to go to
Wiltspoon Hotel for dinner? I booked a seat for you two.”
Elisa smiled and said: “Mr. Bucham, thank you. I still want to go home; if I don’t drag a suitcase, I want to go directly to Brynfield.”
Serenity and her husband were still living in Brynfield.
It would take two days to return to the hilltop villa.
“Okay, I’ll take you home.” Julian said bluntly, “I knew you came back for Serenity.”
“That’s right, I’m going to upgrade to be a cousin. I’m so happy. Yesterday I wished I could fly back with wings.” Julian said while
driving: “Didn’t you become an aunt a long time ago? Sonny also called you an aunt. Serenity is only pregnant. You are all very
happy. I really envy your deep feelings.”
Only when the relationship was good could they be so happy.

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