Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2205

After thinking for a while, Julian smiled again: “But it’s understandable, Serenity has been married to Zachary for a year, and
many people outside are rumoring that she can’t have a baby. Now that she is pregnant, you can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s
normal for her to be happy.”
Remy said: “Mr. Bucham, Many people will be happy for you if you can have a child someday.”
Julian was both physically and mentally sick. He would never be a real man in this life, let alone a father, if he didn’t meet a
woman who could make him respond.
Remy’s words were very heart-wrenching to Julian, but fortunately, Julian was a person who could see things openly.
Although he was really sick, he didn’t care, since he couldn’t die anyway, at worst, he would be single for the rest of his life, and
he thought being single was fine.
He said with a smile: “If I have the opportunity to be a father, I don’t know if others will be happy, but my father must be the
He didn’t know that when he was apathetic, although his parents were worried about his life, they weren’t crazy.
Knowing that he was ill, his parents went crazy.
All kinds of women would come and come to him, hoping that a woman would bring him back to normal.
It’s a pity that he didn’t respond to the woman his parents found.
“By the way, the master invited by Grandma York helped Zachary and Serenity look at it, and said that Serenity would be
pregnant after autumn, right?”
Julian suddenly asked a very superstitious question.
Elisa answered him that she and Serenity were cousins, and Serenity would confide in her when he had concerns, she knew the
“There is such a thing, but Grandma York wanted Serenity to feel better by not thinking about being pregnant all day. I think there
was too much stress on Serenity. If Grandma York hadn’t told her that, she wouldn’t have any hope, and she would be sad. She
doesn’t look very strong when she looks at Serenity. Sometimes, she also breaks down.” Elisa smiled and said, “It’s just a

coincidence that it’s autumn, and Serenity is pregnant. I hope that master’s mouth has been opened, and the words are effective.
Then Serenity will have both sons and daughters. Mr. Bucham, why did you suddenly ask this question?”
“I just suddenly remembered and asked.” Julian laughed, and didn’t say that he felt his heart beat faster when he saw the photo
on the keychain.
He remembered the master telling his father that he was still destined to marry, but the other party was much younger than him,
and this year he was only twenty-three or twenty-four years old. When two people are reached, they will naturally meet and meet
When he heard such words, like Elisa, he thought it was Grandma York who did it.
Now, Julian believed it a little bit.
And he, suddenly looked forward to it.
Looking forward to seeing that little girl.
Just he didn’t know her name.
No defense, he had her photo in his hand, which was convenient for him to find her.
After Julian sent Elisa and Remy back to the Stone family, he drove away in a hurry.
Standing at the door of her own villa, Elisa watched Julian’s car go away, and said: “I have no idea why he did this, or who made
him do it; whoever can make Julian move, it doesn’t simple. IPreviously, if you wanted to see Julian, you didn’t even consider it.
Now that you see him frequently, you have the impression that he is not as mysterious as he once was, and that he is just a
normal person.”
Remy laughed and said: “He’s not a monster, he’s no different from a normal person, but it’s what the Bucham family did, and
Julian always sees the beginning and the end, which makes everyone feel that Julian is very mysterious. It’s better if he doesn’t
really pursue you. I can rest assured. If he really pursues you, my scalp will be tense.”
Remy took Elisa’s hand, looked at her affectionately, and said affectionately: “Elisa, I really hope we can get married soon; you
don’t want to get married too soon; you can also get engaged; otherwise, my heart will break. Every day, you hang high, afraid
that you will be taken away by others.”

Elisa smiled and said: “There aren’t many people in Wiltspoon who would dare to attack me. Don’t worry, Julian will be your only
love rival. He is an actor as well.”

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