Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2206

“That’s because they don’t have vision, they don’t know gold and jade.” Remy pulled her into the Stone family’s big villa together,
and said as they walked, “I’m glad they don’t know gold and jade, otherwise, a lot of rivals in love would make me sour.”
Elisa giggled.
She was relaxed and unrestrained in front of Remy, and Remy liked her true nature.
Julian, who sent the young couple home, left the business and returned directly to his home.
Just happened to meet Jasmine who was called home by her mother-in-law.
When Jasmine’s bodyguard saw Julian’s car, he quickly pulled over and stopped to let Julian’s car pass first.
Julian and Jasmine pressed the car window at the same time.
Jasmine said hello.
Julian hummed gently, and asked her: “Why are you going home at this time?”
After Jasmine went back to the bookstore to look at the store, he always came back at night.
Jasmine: “My mother called me to come back. If there is something I need to do, I will come back.”
Julian smiled, “Then go back and see what my aunt asked you to do.”
With that said, he closed the car window and drove to the left.
After his car drove away, Jasmine’s bodyguard drove again, heading to the right.
The Bucham family lived together.
This area was where their family lived.
Josh and Julian were cousins. His home was the closest to the power center of the Bucham family. Within a few minutes, the
bodyguards stopped at the entrance of a large villa that combines ancient style and modernization.
“You don’t need to drive in, I guess I have to go out.”

The mother-in-law called her to come back, and Jasmine guessed that she was asking her to send gifts to Serenity on behalf of
Josh’s family.
After all, she and Serenity were good friends.
“Alright.” The bodyguard responded respectfully.
Jasmine got off the car alone and walked into the big villa.
As soon as she entered the big villa, she first saw a courtyard that was not much different from other villas, but when she walked
in, the courtyard landscape began to change into a garden style, with small bridges and flowing water, winding paths and
corridors, pavilions, and rockery fountains.
It gave people an illusion of traveling back to ancient times from modern times.
In the hall, Mrs. Bucham was preparing gifts according to the list, and someone beside her kept giving her advice.
When she saw that individual, Jasmine felt a bit anxious. She was invited as a nutritionist by Josh’s family. She was an extremely
serious and stern individual. This qualified nutritionist designed her daily diet of three meals.
This nutritionist was still related to Mrs. Bucham, she was Mrs. Bucham’s natal niece, who was Josh’s cousin.
With this relationship, even if the nutritionist strictly required everyone to prepare three meals a day according to the recipe she
formulated, everyone would obey. Those who didn’t want to be controlled, like Josh, solved the three meals outside.

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