Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2207

The nutritionist didn’t care about everyone’s freedom to eat out. Her aunt invited her to look after the family’s diet and health. She
only cared about those who went home to eat and those who didn’t come back to eat.
Now, her main focus was on her cousin-in-law.
Josh was the first to get married in his generation, and the baby in Jasmine’s womb was the first of the next generation. Not to
mention Mrs. Bucham valued her daughter-in-law, even the entire Bucham family valued it.
In order for the cousin-in-law to give birth to a healthy and smart baby, the dietitian formulated for Jasmine a recipe for pregnant
women that was rich in nutrients, and the dishes were naturally not bad. They changed every day, whether Jasmine liked to eat
or not, those recipes would not be changed.
Fortunately, Jasmine was a foodie and not picky about food.
It’s been all right.
Hearing the sound of footsteps, Mrs. Bucham and the nutritionist both turned to look at the door.
Seeing that it was the daughter-in-law who came back, Mrs. Bucham put down the gift in her hand, walked towards the daughter-
in-law, and said with a smile: “It’s such a hot day, I asked you to come back, it’s hard work.”
“It’s okay. I’ll take the car when I go out. There is an air conditioner in the car, but it won’t heat me up.” Jasmine looked at those
gifts with a smile, then nodded to the nutritionist, and called out: “Cousin.”
The nutritionist just nodded without speaking.
Jasmine was also used to her silence.
“Mom prepared some gifts for Serenity. I thought I would send them in person, but I knew you would definitely give them too.
Why don’t we prepare them together and send them to you?” Mrs. Bucham asked her daughter-in-law if she was thirsty.
“Mom, I’m not thirsty. Thank you for being so thoughtful.” Jasmine walked over, and together with her mother-in-law, she glanced
at the gifts prepared by her mother-in-law, which were all suitable for pregnant women. There was a nutritionist for reference and
advice, and she was not worried at all.

“Jasmine, you ate sauerkraut?” The nutritionist suddenly asked Jasmine.
Jasmine was speechless.
She ate at noon, and the nutritionist’s dog nose could still smell it through her tone of voice?
It’s really a dog’s nose.
Mrs. Bucham also looked at her daughter-in-law.
Jasmine replied honestly: “At noon, Josh and I went back to my mother’s house for dinner. The weather is hot, so I just want to
eat a bowl of porridge with some sauerkraut. I just ate two bowls of porridge.”
After she finished speaking, she laughed again, “My cousin has a really strong nose. My cousin can still smell the sauerkraut I
ate at noon through the smell of my words.”
After the nutritionist was silent, he said: “Jasmine, normal people should eat less pickled food, and you should eat less when you
are pregnant.”
“Cousin, I know, I only ate a little bit, not much, and it was made by my mother herself, very fresh, I will pay more attention next
time, shut up and stop eating.” Jasmine said with a smile, “I just change my taste occasionally.”

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