Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2209

It’s just that Jasmine didn’t expect the nutritionist to think a lot about her.
Fortunately, she’s just Josh’s cousin, and although she was the Bucham family’s nutritionist, she rarely lived with them; that is,
after Jasmine became pregnant, the nutritionist would frequently visit, but her opinions would not affect her.
The mother-in-law also mentioned Serenity, thinking that the York family would also hire a nutritionist to formulate a menu for
Serenity’s three meals a day.
Maybe, but the York family would not control Serenity.
After the mother-in-law and the nutritionist stopped chatting, it took several minutes before Jasmine came out of the bathroom.
“Jasmine, do you have diarrhea?” Mrs. Bucham asked with concern.
“No.” Jasmine said embarrassedly: “Every time I go to the bathroom, I bring my mobile phone in.”
She didn’t say any more, she understood everything.
Didn’t modern individuals enjoy bringing their mobile phones into the bathroom?
“Jasmine, you should play with your mobile phone less, there is radiation.” The nutritionist said something instinctively.
Jasmine smiled, and said: “I don’t play games very often, usually in the store, I mostly read books, and I don’t use my phone very
After finishing speaking, she asked her mother-in-law: “Mom, is everything ready? I’ll take it to Serenity first, and Serenity has
already returned from the hospital for examination.”
Mrs. Bucham smiled and called the maid, and asked the maid to move out the gift she had prepared and put it in the car Jasmine
was sitting in.
Soon, Jasmine left home under the watchful eyes of her mother-in-law, aunt and nephew.
On the other side, Julian was lying in his study room, sitting on a chair, holding the bunch of keys he picked up in his hand,
repeatedly looking at the photos in the small photo frame.

Looking at it, a smile appeared on the corner of Julian’s mouth.
His slender fingers gently cared the girl in the photo. If someone who was skilled in him saw that gentle movement, it would
probably scare the girl off her glasses.
“The smile is bright and sweet, which makes people feel comfortable, and they can’t help but want to laugh too.”
Julian was touching the photo while talking to himself.
He thought the girl in the photo was a little fairy.
That sweet and bright smile hit his heart like sunshine, making his heart beat faster involuntarily.
This had never happened before.
This girl must be his destined girl.
In other words, the master trusted by Grandma York really had two brushes.
Said that he could meet his destined girl, so that his father would not have to worry that he would die alone.
He also said that his destined girl was a girl in her early twenties, who was a little different from her age, which was tantamount
to an uncle’s love affair.
He didn’t dislike her for being young. Anyway, The girl was an adult at the age of twenty-three or four, and had reached the
marriageable age. As long as the other party didn’t dislike her for being an uncle.
He and Duncan were just close.
Duncan was a proper uncle.
But what Duncan aimed at was not the little girl, but Hai Ling. Hai Ling was already in her early thirties, divorced and had a child.
Even if Duncan was a few years older than her, he was more than enough to match her.
“You don’t have a boyfriend, do you?”
Julian was talking to himself.

“If you have a boyfriend, would I want to be yours and interfere with your relationship?”
“I hope you don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t have to be afraid if you have a suitor. If I go out, who will fight? Who can beat me?”
Julian was very confident.

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