Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2212

Seeing that his son really didn’t respond to the photos Patriarch Bucham brought, he stuffed the photos back into the envelope in
disappointment, and said in disappointment: “I don’t know when you will find that girl, the old Mrs. York is back, I will look for her
again, and ask her to invite that master to come over and help us figure out where that girl is now.”
Julian said: “Dad, the master said that the fate is over, and he will never see us again. Even Grandma York said that he would
never see us again. Those masters outside the square are different from ordinary people like us. He said he would never see us
again. We don’t see him, even if we try to find him, we can’t find him.”
Patriarch Bucham: “…”
That’s exactly what the Master said.
He said that he met him once because of some predestined relationship with them, and made a fortune for his son.
They would never see each other again when the world ended.
He also said that his mortal relationship with them was also his mortal relationship with Old Mrs. York, and after meeting them,
his mortal relationship with her also ended.
Please the Old Mrs. York didn’t bother him any more.
Although the Old Mrs. York was reluctant, she had to respect the other party’s decision.
The master whom few people had ever seen had just vanished, leaving behind only his legend.
Patriarch Bucham walked out of the study with disappointment.
Julian also cared and said: “Dad, don’t be sad, sometimes there must be a life in my life. Since I have a wife and children in my
life, there will definitely be one. You don’t have to worry too much. We just wait and see.”
Patriarch Bucham didn’t seem to hear what his son said.
He went downstairs, disappointed.
Mrs. Bucham just came in from the house, and seeing her husband’s disappointed look and the big envelope in his hand, she
knew what he had done. She asked with concern: “How is it? My son responded. Is it? If you look twice, they are all different.”

Patriarch Bucham threw the big envelope on the coffee table, and then sat down on the sofa.
Patriarch Bucham: “It’s useless, my son didn’t respond at all, and he didn’t even want to take another look.”
Mrs. Bucham sighed, “This is the first time.”
After she took out those photos and looked at them, she said, “Could it be that these girls are not pretty?”
Patriarch Bucham: “There are also beautiful ones, but he didn’t respond either.”
“What should I do? He has seen almost all the young girls in Wiltspoon, but he hasn’t found a girl who can make him feel
differently. They are all twenty-four years old. Does he really want to die alone?”
Mrs. Bucham felt a knife twisting her heart as she thought of the excellent son she raised, who would be a bachelor for the rest
of his life and who was still a eunuch in a man’s skin.
Why did he have this disease?
Hadn’t got a doctor yet.
Doctors were helpless.
“Since the master said that he has a wife and son in his destiny, he will definitely have one. Don’t worry too much. In the words of
my son, there must be a destiny in his destiny sometimes. Just wait.” Patriarch Bucham sighed.
They intervened manually, but to no avail.
What could be done?
Even if they put women on the son’s bed, it’s useless, because the son didn’t respond to those women.
They couldn’t really do that either.
That hurt their son’s self-esteem too much.
“Can we ask the old Mrs. York for help, and then let the master do the math? Where is the girl who can save my son? We asked
the place and went to the master directly. It’s better than us running around like a headless chicken. “ah.”

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