Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2220

Erika continued: “You ordered Kathryn to pick you up at this time. It’s no wonder she didn’t take the opportunity to sue you in
front of Mom. Since she talked about big business, Mom will definitely give her some face.”
Hearing this, Shiloh’s teeth itch with jealousy.
Shiloh: “She is too lucky.”
“Not really.” Erika was also itchy with jealousy.
If Kathryn stood up, Kathryn would be the head of the family, and Erika’s husband would have nothing to do.
Her husband worked so hard and worked so hard for Farrell Group, but in the end he made a wedding dress for Kathryn. Not to
mention her husband was not reconciled, she was not reconciled either.
After returning from FC Manor, Serenity took a two-day rest before returning to work.
Zachary didn’t stop Serenity from going to work, but her cousin Elisa did.
Serenity wanted to do something, as long as Elisa knew about it, she would stop her.
She din’t let Serenity worry about it.
Let Serenity go home and raise her baby with peace of mind, making Serenity dumbfounded.
It was originally agreed to invite the client to dinner at noon, but Elisa also said: “Seren, I will go, you can either meet Zachary
after get off work and have dinner together, or you can go home, and Grandma York and Mrs. Lane will definitely prepare a
hearty lunch for you. Or you can go to Sister Liberty’s restaurant. By the way, Sister Liberty’s restaurant will open tomorrow. Let’s
order a flower basket for Sister Liberty. I will call the flower shop later and ask them to deliver it in advance.”
Serenity smiled and said: “Elisa, I’m fine, don’t treat me as a patient. Zachary has a meal at noon, so he told me in advance that
he can’t accompany me to eat. It’s just a pregnancy, or early pregnancy, you just let me go home and lie down to raise the baby, I
won’t do it.”
Elisa sat down in front of her, “Are you still vomiting?”

Serenity: “When I brush my teeth in the morning, I will vomit, even jaundice. When I eat, as long as I don’t eat sour or sweet
food, I don’t vomit very much. After eating sweet and sour food, I vomit after eating, but now I like sour and sweet.”
Elisa smiled and said: “Maybe you are pregnant with a son, like your husband, Zachary, who just hates sour and sweet.”
Serenity said: “Now I don’t know about the gender, but what I can be sure of is that I am not as lucky as Jane for a single
pregnancy. If I am pregnant with twins, I will have both children.”
After Zachary took her to the hospital for an examination, it was confirmed that she was pregnant with a single child.
“The chances of twins are not high. We don’t need to compare with others. We are not afraid of comparing goods with goods.
We are afraid of comparing people with others. People are more popular than others.”
“Jane is pregnant with twins. It’s a family tradition. Her mother gave birth to twins. She and her brother.”
Elisa comforted Serenity.
Serenity smiled and said: “I just envied Jane for a while, now that I can conceive, I am already very content, it doesn’t matter if
the child is a boy or a girl, as long as the child is healthy.”
She had a B-ultrasound, and saw that the gestational sac on the B-ultrasound result was long. Many people said that the
gestational sac was long, and the chance of having a son was very high.
She remembered that when her sister was pregnant with Sonny, the first B-ultrasound was done, and the gestational sac was
also long.
Although this was not 100%.
Combined with the fact that women who marry into the York family all had sons, Serenity had no hope of having a daughter.
This child was likely to be a son.
Whether she would be able to have a daughter in the future was still unknown.
None of the women in the previous generations of the York family had given birth to daughters, and Serenity didn’t dare to expect
too much.

She only conceived after a year of marriage, and she was fine if she could conceive. She didn’t give much thought to having a
child; she just hoped that the child would be healthy.

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