Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2227

“Grandma York, You’re really in good spirits.”
Lilian praised Grandma May.
When Lilian was still residing in FC Manor, she assisted Grandma May in taking her pulse. It was estimated that Grandma May
could live for over ten years without a problem due to her excellent health.
Like her master, her master used a lot of precious medicinal materials to regulate her body, so her master’s body was very good.
The master said that now he was more worried, he wanted to live to be one hundred and twenty years old, and he wanted to see
Fabian marry a wife and have children.
Fabian was still a baby.
Grandma May smiled and took Lilian’s hand, “What types of medications does your master possess, Lilian? If you take them,
they can help you live longer. Give me a pair. It will increase my vitality and prolong my life. Currently, it is not uncommon to live
to be 120 years old.”
I don’t know when I will be able to hold my great-granddaughter. I have to hold my great-granddaughter. I like soft, tender little
girls. A great-granddaughter as cute as Avah, I can’t think too much of a dozen.”
Lilian smiled and said: “My master is currently assisting me with the baby. When I return, I will ask my master for some pills for
you, Grandma York. You will always take it, and you will live to be 120 years old like my master.
It’s true that you has to wait a long time to hold your great-granddaughter, but Grandma York, you have nine grandchildren,
which means you will have nine granddaughters-in-law. There will always be a granddaughter-in-law who can give you a great-
granddaughter, right?”
She wasn’t sure either.
She had heard about the York family’s monk temple. Women who married into the York family all gave birth to sons.
She heard that even if they adjust the acidity and alkalinity of the body according to others and then conceive, the result was still
a son.
Obviously, with the advancements in medicine, if they wanted to artificially interfere to have a daughter, they could use test
tubes, but if they could conceive naturally, Lilian would not be advised to use test tubes.

It was best to have children and let nature take its course.
As long as the baby was healthy and healthy.
Thinking of her crying son, Lilian said: “Avah is fantastic; no one dislikes her; I adore her; I wish I could swap Fabian and Jane
for Avah.”
She muttered once, and Tim almost covered her mouth in fright.
He told her not to tell the sister-in-law, let the elder brother knew it, and the couple would never want to hug Avah in the future.
They were without a daughter if they didn’t have one. They did have a niece who could help them out, though. If they couldn’t
even hold a niece, all they had to look at every day was their miserable crying cat.
Grandma May: “…That’s right. I will have nine granddaughter-in-laws in the future, and there will always be a granddaughter-in-
law who can give me a great-granddaughter. Back then, I only had three daughter-in-laws, and the daughter-in-laws did their
Tania smiled and said: “Mom, if Seren’s generation does not have a daughter, let’s look forward to the next generation.”
Grandma May: “…I think so too, but unfortunately I can’t live that long. I strive to see the next generation get married and have
Everyone laughed and said yes.
Amidst the chatter and laughter of the crowd, Callum rushed back with Camryn.
As soon as he stepped into the Wildridge Manor, Camryn held Callum’s hand tightly nervously, and said in fear, “Callum, what if
Dr. Carden also says that my eyes are incurable?”
Accompanying him back were Dalton, his fiancee Melissa, Camryn’s aunt Azalea, and Azalea’s husband Mario.
After hearing Camryn’s words, Azalea hurriedly comforted her niece: “Camryn, Dr. Carden is a master student of a genius doctor,
known as a master of both medicine and poison, she must have a way.”
Mario also said: “Camryn, your aunt is right. Don’t worry, Callum finally invited Dr. Carden over, no matter what, he must let Dr.
Carden take a look.”

Callum held his fiancée’s hand instead, and said affectately: “No matter what the result is, it will not affect my feelings for you.
Camryn, as I said, my family and I have never disliked you. Think hard. Healing your eyes is because I want you to see the
beauty of this world, and I also want you to see me.”

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