Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2229

“I haven’t seen Dr. Carden yet. When Dr. Carden came, I happened to be on a business trip. Your brother-in-law just went to pick
me up. Now we are at your brother-in-law law’s house, and we will see Dr. Carden soon.”
Trenton still cared about Camryn.
This made Camryn very happy.
“Sister, no matter what the result is, don’t be discouraged. If Dr. Carden can’t help it, we can find a better doctor.” Trenton
comforted her sister.
In fact, everyone knew that if Dr. Carden couldn’t cure his sister’s eyes, his sister would really not be able to recover.
After Camryn was silent, she turned to comfort her younger brother: “Trenton, I will not be sad, no matter what the outcome is; I
have lived in darkness for many years and am accustomed to it; I just wronged your Brother-in-law; he is a wonderful man, but
he wants to marry me, a blind girl.”
Callum groaned, “I am not wronged. From the day I fell in love with you, I have decided that no matter whether your eyes can be
cured or not, I will marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. If you can recover or if it can’t, I’ll be your eyes.”
Trenton said on the phone: “Sister, I think my brother-in-law is a responsible individual. Don’t give it any thought. We are all
familiar with the family foundation of the Yorks. Trust yourself and my brother-in-law.”
Camryn bit her lower lip emotionally, not to let herself cry. After a moment of silence, she said softly: “I know. Trenton, how are
things going in school? Are you financially secure? The school’s dining hall If the food isn’t to your liking, you can eat somewhere
else, and if you run out of money, let the older sister know.”
“Sister, I’m not short of money. Don’t you send money to my card regularly? I have some money myself. The money is enough. I
also found a part-time job. It’s not that I’m short of money. I want to practice life and accumulate some work experience.
The meals in the school cafeteria are delicious and diverse, sister, don’t worry about me, you can treat your eyes with peace of
When Trenton was still in elementary school, he was sent to a boarding school by his parents, where he was given room and
board. He was not picky about food.

Camryn: “That’s good, that’s good.”
Trenton: “Sister, hurry up and see Dr. Carden, I’m going to eat too. I hope that when I return to Wiltspoon for the winter vacation,
my sister can see me.”
Camryn smiled, “Yes.”
After the siblings finished talking, Camryn returned the phone to Callum and said, “Why didn’t Trenton call me, but called your
phone instead.”
Callum said: “He probably thought you were receiving treatment, so he called my cell phone. When he left Wiltspoon, he didn’t
save my contact information. It can be seen that he carefully asked for my cell phone number. Camryn, Trenton actually still
cares about you as a big sister. Although he couldn’t accept the reality for a while and didn’t want to see you, he never blamed
you or hated you. He knew that his parents did something wrong, but because of Family, it is difficult for him to accept the
Camryn hummed, “I know.”
Before her eyes were treated, her younger brother could call to care about her, encourage her, and comfort her. She was already
satisfied, and the relationship between siblings continued.
“Come on, let’s go in.”
Callum pulled Camryn to his home.
After a few minutes.
“Dr. Carden.”
Callum greeted Lilian first, and the others who came in were surprised when they heard that the young strange woman was Dr.
Carden, and hurriedly greeted her.
Although Lilian had just given birth to a baby, everyone thought she was an advanced mother, but they didn’t expect her to be so

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