Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2231

Lilian smiled and continued, “Don’t worry, this is not an incurable disease. If I dare to say such a thing, I will definitely be able to
do it.”
She patted the back of Camryn’s hand, “Don’t worry, the longest time is three months. After three months, if you still can’t see
clearly, I will ask my master to come and help you cure it, but my master is in the treatment of poison. Not as good as me.”
She had planted too many poisonous weeds and flowers, and her understanding of poison was better than her master.
Otherwise, no one would say that she was a master of both medicine and poison.
This was in ancient times, a proper genius doctor of poison kings.
Hearing this, everyone was overjoyed.
“Thank you, Dr. Carden.”
Camryn let go of her hanging heart, and she took Lilian’s hand with her backhand, thanking her non-stop.
Lilian smiled and said: “You don’t have to thank me, what you should thank is your aunt, uncle, and your fiancé. It is their
persistence and their not giving up that make you what you are today.”
“My aunt is my reborn parent. If my aunt hadn’t come back back then, I would have given my life away.” Thinking of the tragedy
of that year, and thinking of how much she suffered from blindness in the past ten years, Camryn’s eyes turned red.
She was most grateful to her aunt.
Without her aunt, she really wouldn’t be able to live now.
Her biological mother probably knew that she was investigating the cause of her father’s death, so she poisoned her, and wanted
her to die of “sickness”.
In the Newman family, she was a little transparent at that time.
Even if she really “sick” and died, except for the aunt who would cry sadly. For others, she died as soon as she died, so there
was nothing to cry about.
In the Newman family, she was already redundant.

It was her fate, and her life should not be terminated. The aunt went back to her mother’s house to visit relatives.
The aunt said that before she went back to her natal home, she dreamed of her for several nights in a row. When she dreamed
of her, the aunt was worried that something might happen to her, so she hurried back to her natal home.
Unexpectedly, something happened to her.
The aunt sent her to the hospital for emergency treatment, but she retrieved one, but lost her eyesight.
That was due to the incomplete removal of toxins.
“aunt.” Camryn choked up and called Auntie.
Azalea hurried over.
Camryn touched Azalea, stood up, and suddenly plunged into the arms of her.
“aunt, you have worked hard all these years.”
Azalea’s eyes were red a long time ago. Knowing that her niece had a chance to recover, she was overjoyed at first, but after
hearing what Dr. Carden said, she cried first.
Over the years, she had sought medical treatment for her niece everywhere, and often neglected her own family. Fortunately, her
husband and her children have firmly supported her and never complained to her.
Her husband said that Camryn lost her father at a very young age, but having a mother was worse than not having a mother.
Mrs. Newman was Camryn’s real mother. She drove and tortured her daughter.
Only they hurt Camryn a lot.
“I don’t work hard. As long as your eyes can be cured, it’s worth letting me do more. As long as you can get better, get better…
I’m also worthy of your father.”
When her little brother passed away, it was Camryn who was most worried about her daughter.
At that time, Camryn was only two years old and knew nothing.

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