Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2235

“Sister, I see, it’s almost there.”
Serenity laughed, “Zack drove the car himself, he drove very steadily.”
Liberty was very relieved of Zachary’s calmness.
The sisters ended the call.
Duncan waited for her to put away her phone before asking her, “Are Serenity and Zachary coming soon?”
“Just now they said it will take five minutes, but now it is estimated that they will arrive in two or three minutes. It will not miss the
auspicious time. Mr. Lewis, do you want to go in and take a rest?”
Seeing the dark circles under Duncan’s eyes, Liberty felt stressed.
Duncan also worried a lot about the opening of her new restaurant. He frequently stayed up late with her.
After the divorce, Liberty, who no longer believed in love and marriage, felt that she should not overthrow a boatload of people
when faced with Duncan’s deep affection.
There were still good men. Not to mention, her brother-in-law was also a good man, not everyone was like Hank.
Duncan was so much better than Hank, even if he needed to use a wheelchair now, Liberty still thought he was better than her
If the old lady persuaded Liberty, Liberty was also thinking about it.
Maybe, she could believe in love again, and she could gamble again in marriage.
Maybe she could win the bet this time.
“I’m not tired or sleepy, I’m happy, I don’t need to rest, even if I go in, my heart is still outside.” Duncan smiled and said, “I’ll wait
with you.”
He liked to see Liberty in high spirits.
He liked watching her restaurants open one after another, watching her build her catering kingdom step by step.

She was an ambitious person.
Won’t stop there.
He still wanted to accompany her on the journey, and when she became famous and he continued to behave normally, he would
definitely propose to her in public. If the proposal failed once, he would propose again, three times, and even a hundred times,
he would be willing!
For the rest of his life, he identified Liberty.
Liberty looked at him and smiled.
Soon, Zachary and Serenity arrived.
Fortunately, they ordered the flowers in advance and asked the florist to help deliver the flower baskets.
“Sister, congratulations!”
Serenity got out of the car, walked towards her sister with a smile, and took out a large stack of red envelopes from her bag,
each red envelope was bulging.
She handed those red envelopes to her sister.
Serenity: “Sister, I wish your new restaurant great success and a lot of money! Sister, my in-laws asked me to bring these red
envelopes. Everyone wishes you a prosperous business. Grandma and the others will come over for dinner later.”
There were distinguished guests in the villa, so it was not good to leave them here early in the morning.
Liberty thanked her with a smile, and did not refuse the red envelope handed over by her sister.
If she did not accept it, not only would her younger sister be in a hurry with her, but so would the senior members of the York
“Sister, business is booming.” Zachary came over and said a word of congratulations.
He also took out a big red envelope and gave it to her.
Liberty said: “Seren has already given it.”

“What Seren gave was her heart, and what I gave was mine. Elder sister, you can’t treat one more favorably than another. If you
accept Seren, you must accept mine. Otherwise, you won’t treat me as a family. “
Liberty smiled and said, “If you say that, I dare not accept it. You two are too polite.”
In fact, the young couple gave her money by giving red envelopes.

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