Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2239

After being silent, Liberty said: “Currently, they won’t. In the future, I don’t know. We will teach Sonny well, and Sonny will make
his own decisions. His father also paid child support after all. I’ll not stop him from interacting with the Brown family.”
Serenity: “Well, sister, let’s not talk about that, your restaurant opens today, we have to be happy, so the business will flourish.”
Liberty smiled: “Thank you. The restaurant will definitely be prosperous.”
She was full of confidence in her business philosophy and cooking skills.
“Boss Hunt.”
A waiter came in from outside, bringing a strange man with him.
“Boss Hunt, this gentleman insisted on meeting you, saying he came from Jensburg.”
Both sisters looked at the strange man.
The other party politely extended his right hand towards Liberty, and after Liberty shook hands with him. He saw Serenity beside
Liberty, and asked with a smile: “This must be Miss Serenity, the famous young mistress of York Family in Wiltspoon, right?”
As he spoke, he stretched out his right hand to Serenity again.
Out of politeness, Serenity also shook hands with him, and he smiled: “Miss Serenity, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Serenity smiled, “What’s your surname, sir?”
“My surname is Farrell.”
“Mr. Farrell, You were arranged by Miss Kathryn?”
It was Liberty who asked the question.
There would be people from Jensburg, but Liberty thought there were only people from Kathryn.
The Farrell family, and Kathryn also wanted to find out the sisters’ struggle for power decades ago.

When Kathryn came over last time, she went to the Stone Family to visit Mrs. Stone, and she stayed for a short time. She said
she had to hurry back to avoid being discovered by Matriarch Farrell.
Later, Mrs. Stone took the blood left by Kathryn and did a blood test, and the results proved everyone’s guess.
Mrs. Stone and Kathryn were somewhat related by blood, presumably cousins.
Mr. Farrell nodded slightly, looked around the restaurant decoration, and saw that the room was full of distinguished guests, so
he smiled and said to Liberty: “Our lady asked me to come, I wish Ms. Hunt a prosperous business and a wealth of money. “
Thank you.” Liberty guessed that Mr. Farrell belonged to Kathryn.
Mr. Farrell took out another red envelope. The red envelope was not bulging like other people’s. Everyone stuffed cash into it, so
it was bulging.
Inside his red envelope was a bank card.
“Ms. Hunt, this is what our lady asked me to bring over and hand it over to you. This is our lady’s congratulations on the opening
of your new restaurant. Please accept it.”
Liberty declined, and she said: “Can Miss Farrell asking Mr. Farrell to come here has cost me a great deal of face? I cannot
accept her generous gift.”
Mr. Farrell looked at Liberty with a smile, and said: “Our lady also said that if Ms. Hunt refuses to accept it, let me Say something
to Ms. Hunt: This gift from the elders is irresistible!”
Liberty: “…”
Kathryn and Mrs. Stone were cousins, that is, the cousins of Liberty and her sister, even if Kathryn’s not as old as Liberty, but
she’s older.
“Ms. Hunt, this is our lady’s kindness. Ms. Hunt, I hope you will accept it so that I can do the job when I go back.”
Mr. Farrell said with a downcast face on purpose, and said, “If I can’t finish what our lady entrusted to me, Task, I will be
punished after I go back, and my bonus will be deducted for three months, Ms. Hunt, although I am old and young, but being
deducted three months of bonus will also hurt my heart.”

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