Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2242

Duncan instinctively hugged Sonny in his arms tightly before opening his eyes suddenly.
Seeing that the person in front of him was Liberty, he instinctively showed a big smile, and asked Liberty: “Liberty, are you done
with your work? Can you go home? Sonny is sleepy, I hugged him, and wanted to let him sleep for a while, accidentally, I fell
asleep too.”
Liberty withdrew her hand touching her son’s small face.
Duncan was quite shocked when he realized it. Why did he react so slowly? He should have grabbed her hand first and let her
touch his face when she withdrew it.
Also, he must have slept too lightly, he should have slept like a pig, maybe Liberty would secretly kiss him while he was asleep.
He didn’t know if it’s too late to pretend to be asleep now?
“I’m done. Mr. Lewis, Please help me take Sonny at such a late hour.”
Duncan said to her, “What are you doing so politely between us? Sonny is willing to follow me. I’m too happy to be happy.”
At the beginning, He wanted to hug Sonny, but Sonny didn’t want him to because of the scar on his face.
Up to now, Duncan had not undergone surgery to remove the scar on his face.
Liberty already knew the story of the scar on his face and understood why he kept the scar.
When she first met him, it was scary to see the scar on his face.
Now that she’s used to seeing it, Liberty not only didn’t feel scary, but always felt distressed. How painful it must have been when
he was stabbed in the first place.
“Mr. Lewis, is your bodyguard still outside?” Liberty asked softly.
Duncan said: “Yes, I’m still here, he won’t leave.”
No matter how dark the night was, as long as he was still in the restaurant, the bodyguard had to wait for him and take him

Liberty could also see him off, but Duncan wouldn’t let Liberty see him off late at night. Liberty would send him home and then
come back; the road was not safe, and he was worried.
Liberty went to the cashier counter to get her bag, then walked back and pushed Duncan out. Duncan said: “You’re exhausted
Liberty pushed him away, and said, “I’m tired, but I’m happy when I’m tired. That’s natural. The main reason is that the business
is good. Even if the profit is not very high, many people come in to eat, and the situation of small profits but quick turnover can
still make a lot of money. The breakfast shop is only open for half a day, and it is closed in the afternoon and evening. It’s gone.”
Duncan: “The business hours can’t compare to restaurants, so how can they compare with the profits of restaurants.”
Liberty said with a smile: “That’s right. I hope that the future business is as prosperous as it is now. Then, in three years, I’ll be
able to realize my dream. The dream of a first-class hotel, my hotel will not be opened in Wiltspoon at that time, and I will go to
other cities for investigation, and then open to other cities.”
Duncan asked instinctively: “Why not in Wiltspoon?”
“The competition among Wiltspoon’s star hotels is too great; I can’t compete with Wiltspoon Hotel and my aunt’s hotel, and I
don’t want to compete with them. What sense of accomplishment do I derive from competing against my peers? I want to
compete against others. I will feel a sense of accomplishment if I win.”
Duncan laughed and said: “That’s the reason, which is good. One could say that Wiltspoon is Zack’s family’s home. You see, I
won’t make significant investments in the hotel industry. I won’t make a significant investment in that area because I know I can’t
compete with Wiltspoon Hotel without losing myself.
You see, the hotels near the Wiltspoon Hotel have all closed off, and the hotels in your aunt’s house aren’t nearly as good. You
have this consciousness, and your cognition is excellent, so let’s compete for business with others rather than with ourselves.”
Liberty: “…You would never risk a large investment in the hotel industry. Do you want to invest in the future as a newcomer?
Hotel? Or should you keep running the restaurant and grow it into a restaurant chain?”
Duncan said: “I suggest you don’t think about this in the short term, the cost of a star hotel is also very high, not hundreds of
thousands, it can be solved if it exceeds one million. If you can’t manage it, you can lose money at any time until you don’t even
have your capital.”

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