Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2246

Serenity was only ten years old when both of the Hunt family’s parents died, and it was indeed her elder sister who raised her.
She had affection for Liberty as a sister, and she also regarded her elder sister as her mother, and her elder sister was like her
After Serenity became the eldest mistress of the York family, Liberty was willing to accept help from her sister and her husband
except when major events happened. In terms of life, she resolutely rejected gifts from her sister.
Zachary and his wife were also very helpless for her persistence.
No matter who came to persuade Liberty, she always had that attitude.
Even Mrs. Stone persuaded Liberty.
“Mr. Lewis, I’ve lived here for such a long time. I’ve been safe. Nothing happened. I just met a drunk tonight. I won’t go home so
late in the future. Today is a special occasion.
It’s fine if I can’t be my sister’s backer. How can I hold her back? The villa in Hoxmoor villas cost tens of millions. The villas
bought by Zachary are often the largest ones. I guess nearly 100 million, I cannot accept such a generous gift from him.”
If it was just a house worth over a million dollars, for the sake of her son’s safety, Liberty had the audacity to accept it.
But her brother-in-law was rich and powerful. The cheapest house in his name was the house in Brynfield, and he only bought
that one. The others were whole buildings, either big villas or whole buildings.
So the house that Zachary gave to Liberty was the big villa in Hoxmoor villas.
With Liberty’s personality, how could she accept such an expensive house?
Duncan said: “Liberty, don’t think that way. Zachary has too many houses, he loves Serenity deeply, and he really treats you as a
sister, he is filial to you as a sister with Serenity. You deserve it, don’t feel ashamed.
Also, think about your future work will be heavier, and you will have to go home late at night. Even if you can let Serenity help
you take Sonny away first, we will worry about you even more if you go home alone. You meet a drunk again, and the drunk
attacks you?

Don’t be afraid of 10,000, just in case. Liberty, think about what happened to Sonny back then. Safety is the most important
thing. The couple in the Newman family were severely sentenced and couldn’t get out in a short time, but Carrie was about to
come out, who knows if she will take revenge on you again?
Zachary and Serenity are always surrounded by bodyguards, so they are very safe, and Serenity can also fight with fists, so
usually nothing will happen, but you are different.
Although you and Sonny are still ordinary people, the backing behind you is not ordinary. Ordinary people will not and dare not
provoke you and Sonny, but for those desperadoes and heinous people, you, the mother and son are their first aim, the best
If you live there all the time, you don’t feel safe, and you will drag your sister down instead.
Liberty, think about it, if something happens to you and your child, who is the most anxious person? It must be Serenity. She is
just pregnant now, and she got pregnant with great difficulty. If you are in a hurry, something will happen. …In order for Serenity
to raise her baby with peace of mind, I advise you to accept the gift from Zachary and his wife and move into the Hoxmoor villas
to ensure your safety.”
That was Su Teng’s territory.
Not to mention in Wiltspoon, even in this province, no one dared to provoke Buchams casually.
Julian was not a vegetarian.
Don’t look at Julian’s playful and smiling face at ordinary times, He was a smiling tiger, a smiling tiger like Josh, it should be said
that Josh learned from his brother.
Listening to Duncan’s series of persuasion, and remembering that when her son had an accident, she was stabbed a few times,
which frightened her sister and son, and thinking of her sister who was just pregnant and endured great pressure. She finally
conceived a child. They were heavier than eyeballs.
How can she let her sister worry about her when she was pregnant?
“Mr. Lewis, I’ll think about it.”
Liberty didn’t say no this time.

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