Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2249

When mentioning Sonny, Duncan also had a gentle face, and said to his mother: “Sonny is the one who fell asleep in my arms
tonight. When he fell asleep peacefully in my arms, I looked at him, and my heart was tender. It became a pool of spring water.
This kid looks cuter and cuter, and I like him more and more.
I don’t dare to expect him to call me Dad. Hearing him call me Uncle Lewis crisply makes me feel elated.”
Hank was still alive.
Sonny didn’t have a deep relationship with Hank, but he also knew that Hank was his father.
In the past, when Duncan coaxed Sonny, he wanted to be Sonny’s stepdad. Sonny also said that he had a father and didn’t need
to look for another Dad.
Sonny’s words made Duncan understand that Sonny would not change his name to call him Dad.
Therefore, he didn’t force it. He was able to marry Liberty and raise Sonny together with Liberty. He was also satisfied when he
heard Sonny call him Uncle Lewis.
After all, he robbed Sonny’s mother.
“Sonny is very cute. Everyone loves him. There is no one who has met him who doesn’t like him.”
Mrs. Lewis looked at her son and said, “After you and Liberty have achieved a positive result, if Sonny wants to call you dad, he
can call him. If he doesn’t want to call you, we can’t force him. No matter how his dad is still there, he will pay for it. His child
support cannot erase the existence of his own dad. If you and Liberty can still have a child, I can die in peace.”
Of her four sons, the first three sons were all married and have become fathers, but this youngest son worried her a lot.
In the past, she looked down on Liberty and disagreed with her son being with Liberty.
Now, she was willing to accept Liberty, but her son was in a wheelchair again. The two young people had not yet achieved a
positive result, and they didn’t know when they would be together.
They were both over 30 years old. They were considered elderly women when they were truly together if they allowed Liberty to
conceive and give birth to a child. Based on her son’s strong feelings for Liberty, she was afraid that Duncan would not allow her
to conceive and give birth.

Thinking that the youngest son might not have a biological child, Mrs. Lewis’s heart still hurts.
After Duncan pursed his lips, he said to his mother: “Mom, let’s talk about the future. Now Liberty and I are friends. Let’s talk
about work, talk about our hearts, and not talk about love for now.”
Liberty accompanied him, and he also accompanied Liberty.
No one knows what will happen in the future.
Mrs. Lewis sighed, “As a mother, how can I not think about children and grandchildren? That’s what Mom said, you are young
people, you decide for yourself, and Mom won’t interfere. It’s late, Mom pushed you Go upstairs and rest early.”
Duncan: “Trouble mom.”
“Why are you so polite between mother and son?” Mrs. Lewis got up, adjusted the wheelchair, and let her son get up and sit in
the wheelchair.
After Duncan sat in the wheelchair, Mrs. Lewis pushed Duncan and walked towards the elevator.
After Duncan’s accident, knowing that Duncan would be in a wheelchair for a long time, the Lewis family immediately installed an
elevator at home to make it easier for Duncan to go up and down.
Mrs. Lewis pushed Duncan into the elevator, and the elevator quickly brought the mother and son to the second floor.
Duncan: “Mom, you go to rest too. I can go back to my room by myself. Good night.”
Mrs. Lewis hummed, and gave some instructions. After Duncan slid the wheelchair by himself, Mrs. Lewis returned to her room.
She opened the door to find the lights in the room were on.
Mr. Lewis didn’t know when Mrs. Lewis woke up, and he was sitting by the head of the bed, flipping through a magazine in his
hand, but Mrs. Lewis knew that he couldn’t read it, and she wouldn’t really be reading the magazine, because the husband didn’t
wear reading glasses.

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