Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2250

Mr. Lewis: “Duncan is back.”
“Well, he’s back, now he’s going back to his room to rest.” Mrs. Lewis came over, asked: “Why are you up?”
Mr. Lewis closed the magazine, “You are worried about Duncan, and I am also worried about him. Duncan hasn’t come back yet,
and I can’t sleep well. I have to hear the familiar sound of a car. I can only sleep if I am sure he is back. “
Mrs. Lewis: “Oh, isn’t it? If he doesn’t come back, we won’t be able to sleep.”
Mr. Lewis: “Did he say why he came back so late? What are you mother and son talking about again?”
Mrs. Lewis sat back on the bed, lifted the thin quilt and said, “He’s waiting for Liberty. Liberty got off work, and he sent her home
before returning. Liberty is very busy today, so she won’t be so late in the future. My son is in good condition; don’t worry; it’s
late; go to sleep.”
“The mother and son didn’t talk about anything, just chatted about his and Liberty’s future.”
Mr. Lewis turned off the light after his wife lay down, and said, “What are we talking about now? Duncan hasn’t recovered yet,
and he won’t be with Liberty. He’s afraid it will drag Liberty down. Let the two of them be free. Let’s develop, we’ll just watch.”
Mrs. Lewis: “Well, I didn’t say anything, I hope we can see Duncan get married and have children in our lifetime.”
“Will do.” Mr. Lewis comforted his wife.
Mr. Lewis also had the same hope in his heart, he hoped that his youngest son and Liberty could achieve fruition soon, get
married and have children.

While the students were already falling asleep, Kiera sneaked outside to eat supper.
During the day, she took that group of Hua Gulong to participate in the competition, and she didn’t even have time to wander
around Wiltspoon.
If she wanted to go out to eat supper alone, she could only wait for a group of Hua Gulong to fall asleep to have a chance.

Kiera, who was full of food and drink, did not take the car back to the hotel. Fortunately, the place where she went for supper was
not too far from the hotel. If she walked, she could get back in half an hour.
She simply walked back to the hotel.
The night was getting dark, and Wiltspoon, which was full of traffic during the day, became much quieter.
On the street, occasionally a car would drive by at a very fast speed, as if there was a scourge chasing them behind.
Those were people who work until late at night, and when they were done with work, they were anxious to go home and rest.
Although it was late at night, Kiera still felt that the metropolis of Wiltspoon was very beautiful. She admired the street scenes on
both sides of the road while walking, and occasionally stopped to take pictures with her mobile phone when she saw something
Another car roared past her, but it was forced to stop soon.
Kiera looked over from a distance.
It was several motorcycles that forced the car to stop.
Motorcycles are banned in Wiltspoon, and motorcycles appearing on the streets late at night may have malicious intentions.
Kiera was a warm-hearted and bold girl. Relying on her fist skills, she quickened her pace and walked towards the car that was
forced to stop.
After the motorcycles stopped the car, they forced the occupants to get out of the vehicle. The man sitting on the back seat of the
motorcycle held a long iron rod in his hand, threatening the occupants not to get out of the vehicle.
The people in the car were afraid that they would smash the car, and they were afraid of getting out of the car.

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