Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2251

“Robbery, hand over all the valuables on you, in the car, and move quickly!”
Kiera still couldn’t see clearly what the people who got out of the car looked like. With excellent hearing, she vaguely heard what
the gangsters said.
She ran over immediately.
When the man tremblingly took out his wallet and handed it to a man, Kiera rushed over with lightning speed, kicked the wallet
with her kick.
The wallet flew out of the man’s hand.
Kiera moved very quickly, turned around, and rushed to catch the dropped wallet.
Then, she raised her hand, and the wallet flew in through the open car door, bounced on the front glass of the car, and then fell
on the passenger seat.
This change shocked everyone.
Kiera’s movements were too fast.
All actions were done in one go.
When they came back to their senses, Kiera had already kicked over two motorcycles. Before the people on the motorcycle got
up, she picked up a stick that had fallen and beat them up. Howling on the ground.
The people on the four or five motorcycles that hadn’t been kicked down all jumped out of the car, brandishing the iron rods in
their hands and besieging Kiera, shouting: “Where did you come from, how dare you meddle in your own business?”
Kiera, who came from a family of martial arts, had been practicing martial arts since she was a child. Her boxing skills were
many times stronger than that of Serenity. When Serenity faced a dozen gangsters, she could easily turn defeat into victory.
Not to mention Kiera.
She didn’t say a word, just waved the iron rod. Her moves were full of vigor, and the stick never missed.
Only screams could be heard, and when Kiera stopped, the men besieging her had already fallen to the ground, writhing in pain.

The few people who were still riding on motorcycles saw that it was not good, so they hurriedly ran away on motorcycles.
The iron rod in Kiera’s hand was raised again, and the iron rod flew away from her hand, hitting the wheel of a motorcycle, and
the motorcycle fell to the ground, and the people on board also fell very badly, also implicated the car behind, and overturned two
motorcycles one after another.
In the end, only two motorcycles got away.
After Kiera stopped, she clapped her hands, took out her cell phone, and called the police.
After calling the police, she looked at the man who was petrified.
Not petrified, but stunned.
The person who was robbed by the motorcycle gang was Julian, the young master of the Bucham family.
Tonight’s play was orchestrated by him.
These motorcycle gangs were not real gangsters, they were all from Julian.
After Julian picked up the bunch of keys at the airport, he saw the photo on the keychain, and his heart was moved.
He knew that the girl with a bright smile in the photo was his destined girl.
So, he made full use of the strengths of their Bucham family, and quickly found out the identity of his destined girl, who was Kiera
Caron from Yonsburg.
Knowing that Caron family was a family of martial arts, Kiera had learned martial arts from the elders in the family since she was
a child, and had a solid foundation. She had been participating in martial arts competitions since she was a few years old, and
had won numerous awards.
After graduating from university, she directly returned to her family’s martial arts gym as a coach, but the students she led were
all children.
Both her father and brother said that she was too young, even though she had participated in countless martial arts competitions,
she lacked teaching experience, and she needed to accumulate teaching experience from taking care of children.

Kiera didn’t care, she was a girl who liked children very much.
Although sometimes she was dizzy from being quarreled by a group of Hua Gulong, but in her spare time, she was coaxed by
the students to be elated. She loved and hated her students.
Julian had already searched Kiera’s information to the bottom, even the eighteen generations of the Caron family’s ancestors
were checked by him.
He knew that Kiera had learn Martial arts, but he didn’t expect Kiera to be so powerful that he could overthrow so many of his
people by herself.
strong enough!

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