Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2253

“Miss, what’s your name?” Julian asked.
Kiera generously took out a business card, handed her business card to Julian, and said, “My name is Kiera Caron, I am a
martial arts instructor, but the students are all children.”
Julian took Kiera’s business card, read it carefully, and put it away properly.
He gave Kiera another piece of his business card, but his business card did not state the identity of his Bucham family. He only
used a company under his name as the background, and his identity was naturally the president of a certain company.
Kiera took his business card with both hands, and after reading it, she said with a smile: “Mr. Bucham You’re a president!? I
watched on TV that the president came and went with a group of bodyguards. Mr. Bucham, why don’t you bring a few
Julian smiled and said: “I originally hired bodyguards, and they have been with me for several years. Some of them are parents
who are old and need them to go home to take care of them, and some are forced to marry by their parents, and finally get
married, resigned and went home to get married.
I haven’t hired a suitable bodyguard yet.”
Kiera snorted and didn’t ask any more questions.
This was the first time she had seen a big president in real life. He could drive a luxury car worth several million dollars. Mr.
Bucham should be the big president.
This was Kiera’s own opinion.
Because she was curious, she asked a few words out of mouth.
The two were not familiar with each other, so she couldn’t break the casserole and ask the end.
However, from Julian, she got a result: the president of Wiltspoon is really young, handsome and rich.
When the police came, all the actors and actresses who were knocked down by Kiera were taken away.
Kiera also accompanied Julian to the police station to record a statement.

By the time the two came out of the police station, it was already 2:00 am.
Julian said to Kiera: “Miss Caron, where do you live, I’ll take you back.”
Kiera thought that in the middle of the night, it would be difficult to take a car, and if he walked back, the road would be too far to
be suitable, so she had no intention of rejecting Julian.
She replied: “I brought my students here for the competition, and I’m temporarily staying at the Wiltspoon Hotel.”
She paid for the accommodation out of her own pocket.
The owner of the museum was her father, and he would not let them live in a five-star hotel.
For the sake of safety, although the students were all children of a few years old, they were all the ancestors of each family, so
there should be no accidents.
Of course, she had also heard that the Wiltspoon Hotel was a place that Zachary and his wife often went to. In order to feast
their eyes, she paid for it and took a group of Hua Gulong to live in the Wiltspoon Hotel.
As the owner’s daughter, and as a coach for two years, Kiera could still afford to live in the Wiltspoon Hotel with the money she
usually earned from part-time jobs.
“How about Wiltspoon Hotel, it’s a hotel under the York Corporation, and it’s one of the best hotels in Wiltspoon, and the service
is also excellent.” Julian opened the door like a gentleman and let Kiera get in the car.
When Kiera got into the car, she walked around the car and returned to the driver’s seat.
After he activated the lure and drove Kiera away, someone entered the police station and redeemed those gangsters. They were
all sent to the hospital for examination and treatment.
It’s really their future young master’s wife who was very skilled. After being beaten up by Kiera, all of them were injured due to

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