Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2256

Julian got out of the car, waved goodbye to Kiera, and watched her enter the Wiltspoon Hotel. He didn’t return to the car until he
could no longer see her.
He first took out his mobile phone and called his right-hand assistant.
After the other party answered the phone, he asked, “How are your injuries?”
“Young master, our future young master’s wife is too ruthless. Everyone has suffered injuries to varying degrees, and they all
have to be hospitalized.”
Hearing his own people call Kiera the future young master’s wife, Julian had a smile in his eyes. Young master’s wife, he liked
that this title fell on Kiera.
His destined girl.
He liked her more and more and was more and more satisfied.
God still treated him favorably, and arranged for him such a straightforward girl to save him and give him a chance to become a
real man.
It’s just that he was 10 years older than Kiera. He wondered if Kiera would dislike him for being too old?
Julian never felt old.
At his age, the man was still the age of a flower, besides, he was well maintained and looked like he was in his twenties. Judging
from his appearance, it was impossible to tell that he was 34 years old.
But for Kiera, Julian felt old.
Kiera was born when he was ten years old.
Thinking of Kiera’s character, Julian felt that as long as he could make Kiera fall in love with him, Kiera would not dislike him for
being old.
“Then let’s all be hospitalized. Medical expenses and nutrition expenses will be calculated for them. Also, their bonuses have
been tripled for the past three months.”

After all, it was because of the major events in his life that he was injured.
He couldn’t let his subordinates get injured and not benefit.
Julian generously tripled the bonus for everyone for three consecutive months.
The assistant said with a smile: “It means that the bonus is tripled in one month, and everyone is very happy. It’s for the sake of
taking care less.”
The main reason was that they could see in advance how powerful the young master’s wife would be in the future.
It’s really great.
“Three months.”
“Okay, let me tell everyone. Young master, how is it going? Did you get online successfully?”
“Go, my private affairs, don’t inquire about them.” Julian scolded his assistant, but he laughed while scolding, not angry at all.
The assistant said with a smile: “I’ve been following the young master for a long time, and I haven’t learned anything else. Being
number one in eating melons is like inheriting the mantle of the young master.”
“Eat the melon and ate it on your young master’s head.”
The assistant giggled.
“Help me prepare twelve children’s gifts. Kiera brought twelve children to participate in the competition, six boys and six girls.”
Julian asked his assistant to help him prepare twelve children’s gifts, which would be given to those twelve children tomorrow.
Prepare gifts for the children, and Kiera couldn’t ignore them. The assistant didn’t need to worry about the gifts for Kiera. Julian
would prepare them himself.
Fortunately, in order to help Andrew, he brazenly “pursued” Elisa for a period of time, and accumulated a little experience in
chasing his wife.
He knew what gift to prepare for the girl.
The assistant: “Young master, when did you want it?”

Julian: “Before noon tomorrow, I will treat Miss Caron to dinner at noon.”
The assistant knew that the young master’s plan was perfect as soon as he heard it, and readily agreed to help the young
master prepare twelve gifts for children.

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