Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2257

No more words for one night.
The next morning, Dinshasa Community.
Liberty carried her son’s small schoolbag, and walked towards the door of the house, urging her son: “Sonny, hurry up, we’re
going to be late.”
Sonny dawdled, came out of the room with his little shoes, and then sat down on the sofa, slowly putting on the shoes by
He said: “Mom, can I not go to kindergarten today?”
Before going to kindergarten, he thought it was fun to go to kindergarten.
When he went to the kindergarten, he played in the kindergarten and didn’t want to go home. When his mother wanted to take
him home, he even cried.
After going to kindergarten for a while, Sonny felt that it would be more enjoyable to play at home.
Mom didn’t have time to take him, he could still go to his aunt, but if his aunt couldn’t, he could also go to his uncle’s office to
play, or his aunt’s house.
Much more fun than kindergarten.
The most important thing was that when he was in kindergarten, he had to get up early every day, and he couldn’t sleep as long
as he wanted like before.
Liberty had to go to work, so she would send Sonny to the kindergarten early. Every day, he was the first one in his class to
arrive at the kindergarten.
“If you’re not sick or in pain, why don’t you go to kindergarten?”
Liberty opened the lock inside and turned to ask her son.
Before Sonny could answer, she said to her son again: “Didn’t you say that you want to be better than Titus? Titus will not go to
kindergarten like you. After going to kindergarten for two days, he says he doesn’t want to go.”

Sonny remained silent.
Liberty turned back and sat down opposite to her son.
She didn’t help her son put on shoes, and she didn’t know how to help the little guy with things that he could do by himself, so
that the child could learn to do things that he could do by himself.
“Sonny, tell your mother why you don’t want to go to kindergarten? In kindergarten, do any classmates bully you? How does the
teacher treat you?”
Sonny shook his head and said: “The children are very good. No one bullies me, and I will not bully others. I am a martial arts
learner. How can I bully others with martial arts? The teacher is very good and treats me very well.”
His qualifications for learning martial arts were not as good as Titus’s, but his mother and aunt let him learn martial arts for the
sake of strengthening his body and protecting himself, not for him to become a master.
After practicing for a while, in terms of fighting, Sonny could beat other children in his class.
In kindergarten, there was no such thing as bullying him.
Besides, the backing behind him was so high, who would dare to bully him?
Sonny’s temperament would not take the initiative to bully others.
“Then tell me why you don’t want to go to kindergarten?”
Sonny pouted and said, “When I go to kindergarten, I have to get up early every day. I can’t sleep in, and I can’t run around with
my mother and aunt. I want to sleep in and follow my mother and aunt.”
Liberty poked her son’s forehead amusedly, and said to him: “I know you are playful. You are at home on weekends, why don’t
you sleep in and always get up at dawn?”
She said seriously again: “Mom is very busy, and your aunt is also busy. You can not only learn knowledge by going to
kindergarten, but also make mother relax. Sonny, when you do something, you must persevere to the end. You can’t be half-
hearted, you can’t quit halfway.”
Sonny put on the shoes by himself, and after hearing what his mother said, he looked up at his mother.

Seeing her mother’s serious face, he knew that it was wrong for him not to want to go to kindergarten all the time, so he plunged
into his mother’s arms, and wrapped his two small wrists around her neck.
Sonny: “Mom, I know I’m wrong. I will go to kindergarten. I won’t be half-hearted. Don’t be angry, Mom, I also want to let you

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