Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2260

After a moment of silence, Liberty said, “Your uncle gave us a villa as a gift. It’s a big and beautiful house like the one your aunt
lives in now. I didn’t accepted it before.
My work so hard because I want to earn more money for your education so that you can have a better living condition. I also
want to be your aunt’s backer. I always feel that accepting your uncle’s kindness will drag your aunt down.”
“It will make others think that we rely on your aunt to marry into a rich family and take advantage of our in-laws. As long as I work
hard to make money, I believe we can live in a villa on our own in the future.
Your Uncle Duncan and Uncle Josh both have houses there. If we accept your aunt’s kindness and move there, it will definitely
be much safer than where we live now. I’m also struggling. I don’t know whether to accept that house.
If the man I met just now told your aunt, your aunt must be very worried about the safety of our mother and son. Let’s not talk
about it. If something happens in the future, it will scare your aunt to death. She is only pregnant now, but Don’t be intimidated.”
Liberty was extremely confused.
That drunk man did nothing to her now.
Would he do anything in the future?
No one could guarantee.
She was worried about her son, and she was also afraid that her sister would be frightened because of her exhaustion.
Sonny was only three years old, and when Liberty told him these things, he couldn’t help his mom share her worries. He would
only say, “I want to live with my aunt.” Or “I want to live with Uncle Duncan and Uncle Josh together.”
After Liberty said these words to her son, she was also a little funny, how could she say these words to a three-year-old child.
No matter how smart her son was, he was only three years old. How could he know how to analyze it for her?
When they arrived at the kindergarten, Liberty parked the car.
Sonny unbuckled the seat belt by himself, put on his small schoolbag, opened the door and got out of the car.
Liberty got out of the car and led his little hand to the kindergarten.

Soon, Sonny was taken into the kindergarten by the teacher. She stood at the gate of the kindergarten and watched her son’s
little figure get farther and farther away.
She had made a decision.
Accepting the kindness of her sister and Zachary with the cheek to accept the villa located in the Hoxmoor villas.
Then, give Zachary all the funds that she could use, as if she bought the villa from Zachary, and the money she could use was
not too much.
She would pay the rest of the house payment when she earned money.
This was both safe and self-esteem.
Liberty thought so and did the same.
She returned to the car immediately, drove away from the kindergarten quickly, and then went straight to the York Corporation.
Zachary was just driven back to work in the company by Serenity, and before he even sat down, he received the news that
Liberty had come.
Early in the morning, Liberty came to the company to look for him, it must be something urgent.
Zachary went around the desk, walked out of the office quickly, went to the elevator in person, and waited for Liberty to come
After a few minutes.
The elevator door opened, and seeing Liberty coming out, Zachary put a smile on his face and called affectionately: “Sister.”
Liberty responded to him with a smile.
Zachary invited Liberty into his office.
Liberty asked him as he walked, “Did Seren still vomit badly this morning?”
When mentioning his beloved wife, Zachary said distressedly: “She vomits every morning when she washes up, and she always
spits out yellow bile. It makes me feel so distressed; I wish I could vomit for her.

After eating, she doesn’t vomit too much. This is better.”
If Serenity vomited everything, Zachary would be even more anxious.
It’s just about morning sickness. It’s useless for him to worry about it. Even Doctor Carden said that even doctors like her couldn’t
make pregnant mothers stop vomiting.
Liberty could only say: “It will get better slowly, now she has just started to have a pregnancy reaction, and she will be fine after
three months of pregnancy.”
“I hope so. Don’t be like my cousin who still vomits now.”
After entering the office, Zachary asked Liberty to sit down, and he went to pour water for her.

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