Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2261

Soon, Zachary poured a glass of warm boiled water. He handed the glass of warm boiled water to Liberty, and said: “Sister, my
wedding with Seren will be held in advance, at the villa in Hoxmoor villas. Sister, accept the villa, it’s a sympathy from me and
When the time comes, Serenity would leave her sister’s house.
Liberty’s home was Serenity’s natal home.
Liberty took the cup of warm water and said with a smile: “Zachary, I came to see you today to tell you about this.”
Hearing this, Zachary was very happy. He immediately went back to his desk, opened the drawer, took out a bunch of keys from
it, and walked over.
He put the bunch of keys in front of Liberty, and said to Liberty: “Sister, the key to the house has always been kept with me. I
think when you agreed, I can give you the key at any time.”
Liberty took a sip of warm water, looked at the bunch of keys again, and was moved.
Whether it’s a sister or a brother-in-law, they were sincerely good to her sister.
Her brother-in-law was a wealthy young man, and he had never disliked her younger sister, and he also respected her as a elder
Not to mention his sister.
Ever since Serenity was able to make money, she would always honor her elder sister.
When she was pregnant and had a baby, became a housewife, cut off her source of income, and her husband was stingy, she
lived on the thousands of dollars that her sister secretly gave her.
If there was no sister, Liberty didn’t know how she would have survived those years.
“Zachary, I’m willing to take that house, but I don’t need you to do so. I’d like to purchase it from you. Even if you lower the price
slightly, you must accept the money. I need to live in peace after I move in.”
Zachary: “…”

He thought that Liberty had finally figured it out.
If someone else got a villa as a gift, without spending a penny, he/she didn’t know how happy he/she will be. But Liberty was
She insisted not to accept it, and would rather take her son to rent a house than accept the house given by his husband and
wife, which really gave Zachary a headache.
Liberty said that she came to him about the house, and Zachary thought that his and Seren’s wedding was coming soon, and
Liberty compromised, but she didn’t expect that she wanted to spend money to buy it.
Zachary: “Sister, you make it difficult for me to do this. My house is excellent in terms of location, environment, lighting and
decoration. Why are you unwilling to accept it? Does it mean that my house is not good?
I haven’t lived in that house since it was renovated, and it’s still clean.”
Liberty quickly said: “Zachary, I don’t dislike you, even if you have lived here, I don’t dislike you.”
He had many houses, and it was true that he did not live in many houses.
Liberty: “Zachary, you and Seren are both aware of my temper. I just wants to live with peace of mind.”
Zachary sighed, “Sister, if I sell the house to you, if Seren finds out, will she be angry with me and drive me to the study?”
Liberty said with a smile: “Don’t be afraid of this. I’m here. I won’t let Seren scold you. If she dares to get angry with you, I will go
to her. I’m your backer. Don’t worry, just follow me. Do what you say, as long as you agree, I can move in in a few days.
You and Seren hold a wedding, and Seren will be able to go out from her mother’s house.”
Zachary knew Seren.
Sometimes even Seren couldn’t change what Liberty decided.
After a moment of silence, Zachary said: “Sister, can you let me think about it? I’ll discuss it with Seren too.”
Regarding the matter of Liberty, Zachary felt that he should discuss it with his wife, so as not to make her angry.
Serenity couldn’t be angry because she had a baby in her stomach.

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