Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2263

“Boss, don’t worry, I’m in the shop.”
At this point, there were not many customers in the breakfast shop. After ten o’clock, basically no one would come in for
When they were busy, they were really busy.
Of course, they were looking forward to good business, stable income for everyone, and no need to worry about unemployment.
All you Can Eat Breakfast was very close to the Lewis & Co., and it was originally a breakfast shop rented from Duncan’s shop.
When Duncan first confessed his love to Liberty, Mrs. Lewis reacted violently and disagreed with the two of them being together.
In order to avoid Duncan, Liberty even thought about moving the shop.
In the end, she faced everything calmly.
Liberty drove to Lewis & Co., and it took only a few minutes to arrive.
The people from the security department of the Lewis & Co., after seeing Liberty, quickly opened the door of the company and
watched Liberty drive into the company with a smile.
After Liberty’s car drove into the company, the security guard closed the door of the company, returned to his post, and said to a
colleague: “When I joined the company, Liberty also just joined the company. You don’t know what she looked like at that time.
Don’t look at how beautiful Liberty is now. She used to be chubby and ugly. She was full of flesh from head to toe.
She came to the company for an interview, but she was not accepted. It happened that Mr. Lewis came back to the company,
and he admitted her personally.”
That colleague should have joined the company later, and he had never seen Liberty before.
After he joined the company, he knew that their big boss, Duncan, had an object of admiration, and that was Mr. York’s sister-in-
law, Liberty.
After Liberty succeeded in losing weight, she rarely came to Lewis & Co. again.
Especially knowing that Duncan liked her, she would seldom appear in the Lewis & Co.

“Boss Lewis saw Miss Liberty at that time?” the new colleague asked curiously.
“Probably not, but Mr. Lewis has always been kind to Liberty. He was nice to her before. That’s because of Young Master York.
Liberty is the elder sister of Young Master York’s wife.”
“Boss Lewis likes Liberty’s son very much. He seems to be called Sonny. He is a very cute little doll. It’s beyond our expectation
that a rough man like Boss Lewis can love a little doll so much.”
Duncan’s appearance gave people the impression that he was a big boss.
“Liberty had just started working for the company, and Mr. Lewis asked her to come in early every day and run five laps around
the small garden in front of the office building before going to work. He made her lose weight. Mr. Lewis, I believe, would be fine
at that time. He doesn’t dislike Liberty, but he doesn’t like her either.”
The new colleague said with a smile: “I didn’t even know Mr. Lewis and Ms. Hunt had such a process. It sounds very interesting.
Doesn’t Miss Hunt now look like a different person from before?”
“That’s right, the former Liberty was really ugly. I secretly said, don’t tell anyone about it. As for the former Liberty, if I were her
husband, I would also despise her. I heard that she was the same before marriage as she is now. Slim and pretty.
This woman, after getting married and having a baby, if she doesn’t know how to take care of herself and cherish herself, it’s
easy to live like a husband hates her.”
The new colleague smiled and asked him, “Do you dislike your wife?”
“I’m a few catties and a couple of pounds. I know it well. I can marry a wife. My wife doesn’t dislike my family’s conditions. She is
willing to work hard with me and run this family together. I am grateful. How dare you dislike me? Do you think it is easy to marry
a wife now?”
Liberty didn’t know the content of the chat between the two security guards.
But she knew that every time she came to the Lewis & Co., many people would discuss her and Duncan in private.
After Liberty parked the car, she got out of the car with the packed breakfast and walked straight to the office building.
“Miss Liberty.”

All the way in, everyone who knew her greeted her.
Liberty smiled back.
After a few minutes.

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