Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2266

Duncan also had a selfish intention; that is, he wanted to cultivate a father-son relationship with Sonny and compare Hank, even
if he had already compared Hank.
He wanted everyone in Wiltspoon to know how much he liked Sonny and how much he wanted to be Sonny’s stepfather.
If his dream came true, he would definitely regard Sonny as his own.
Liberty actually knew Duncan’s little plan, she didn’t stop him, and replied: “If you don’t think Sonny is noisy and annoying you,
then you can go to the kindergarten to pick him up after kindergarten in the afternoon.”
Duncan said while eating breakfast: “Of course I don’t dislike it. Sometimes Sonny has a lot of problems, but he is still very
sensible. When we adults are doing things, he will sit obediently and play with toys.”
As for more questions, no matter how sensible a three-year-old child was, children of this age were full of curiosity about
everything and could ask a hundred thousand whys every day.
Sometimes, Duncan would be speechless and unable to answer the weird questions asked by Sonny’s elves.
In order to be able to answer Sonny’s 100,000 Whys, Duncan actually bought a lot of children’s books, and “100,000 Whys”
came back, and he read it in his free time.
It could be said that Duncan worked very hard to get closer to Sonny.
But Hank did not do as much as Duncan.
“Liberty, where did you go this morning? You didn’t return to the breakfast shop until late.”
After getting the qualification to pick up Sonny from kindergarten from Liberty, Duncan only asked about the early morning.
According to the past, Liberty usually arrived at the breakfast shop at around 7:30 in the morning, and this shop was the busiest
time for the breakfast shop.
After a moment of silence, Liberty replied: “I went to the York Corporation, and I have something to talk to Zachary about.”
“What’s the matter? Can I help? Your sister is pregnant, and their wedding will be held in advance. Zachary is very busy recently.
If I can help you, you can find me, and I will help you. Don’t bother Zachary of.”

Duncan was a little jealous of his friend inside and out.
When Liberty encountered difficulties and needed to ask for help, she was always the first to think of her sister.
If Serenity couldn’t help, Zachary would do it.
In Duncan’s view, Liberty talking to Serenity was like talking to Zachary.
He very much hoped that Liberty would think of him immediately when encountering any difficulties.
He would very happy to help Liberty relieve her worries.
“You can’t help with this matter, the house is not yours.”
Duncan looked up at her with surprise in his eyes, and asked Liberty: “Have you decided to move?”
Liberty pursed her lips and said: “I sent Sonny to kindergarten this morning, and when I went out, I met that drunk man last night,
and that drunk man even said ‘So you live on this floor’, he said he was looking for me and searched for one night.
I also asked my neighbor about his situation. The neighbor’s aunt said that he had just broken up in love, and he drank every
day. When he was drunk, he would sleep wherever he was drunk. When he saw women, he would stare at them.
People in the community all looked away when they saw him. The few words he said to me, I think he might be eyeing me.
I also listened to what you said last night. For Sonny’s safety and to prevent Seren from worrying, I want to have the cheek to
accept the villa given to me by Zachary and Seren.”
The Dinshasa Community she was renting now could be regarded as a very safe community.
However, compared with those high-end villa areas, it was still a bit inferior.
If it weren’t for the drunk man, Liberty wouldn’t want to move.
Hearing this, Duncan asked with concern: “The drunk didn’t scare you and Sonny, did he?”
Immediately, he cursed again: “He dares to stare at the people that I, Duncan is covering!”

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