Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2270

They were still thinking about creating opportunities for her and Hank.
Don’t say that Hank hadn’t divorced yet, because even if he divorced again, they wouldn’t be able to remarry, Hank knew very
well, so he never mentioned remarriage to Liberty in person.
It was his mother and sister who were tossing.
As before.
It was also the mother and daughter who tossed and tossed, and finally she and Hank divorced.
Mrs. Brown smiled mischievously, “Then we’ll call and order food then.”
Chelsea: “Liberty, I think your business here is very good, do you still need to hire someone?”
Liberty: “I don’t need it now. sister Brown, I told you last time.”
Thinking of Liberty’s refusal to arrange a job for her, Chelsea smiled embarrassingly.
The mother and daughter didn’t know what to say for a while.
They could only pick up the glass of warm water and drink it slowly.
After sitting for a few minutes, Mrs. Brown was a bit thinner, she said to Liberty: “Liberty, you are busy, I will go back to take care
of Hank, two days weekend, take Sonny to see his father, Hank is looking forward to For the weekend to come.”
Liberty replied: “When Sonny is on vacation, I will take him to see his father.”
At that time, she asked Jim to take Sonny to the hospital to visit Hank, so she would not accompany her son there.
She didn’t want to give any hope to her ex-husband’s family.
“Then, let’s go back first.”
Mrs. Brown put down the unfinished glass of warm boiled water and got up to leave.
“Auntie, wait.” Liberty stopped her ex-mother-in-law.
Mrs. Brown turned to look at her and saw her take out a big red envelope from the desk drawer.

“Auntie, this is the red envelope that Sister Brown gave me yesterday. She said it was the opening gift from Auntie and Uncle
Brown. Now your family is in need of money. I appreciate your kindness. You can take this money and go back and buy some
nutritional supplements for sonny’s father to nourish his body. Auntie and Uncle Brown, you also want to buy some delicious food
to nourish your bodies.”
After Hank’s accident, the two elders looked much older, and most of their hair was gray.
After Hank was out of danger and transferred to the general ward, the two elders took care of their son day and night, and the
young people couldn’t hold on, let alone the aging ones.
Liberty would not accept $5000.
She didn’t directly refuse yesterday, because she was worried that Chelsea would ignorantly accept $5000.
She didn’t think this woman couldn’t do it.
She could do it.
Mrs. Brown quickly refused, she said: “Liberty, this is a congratulatory gift from me and your Uncle. The money is not much, and
it is also a little thought from us. There is no reason to return it. Do you think we gave too little?”
Chelsea went back and told Mrs. and Mr. Brown that Liberty’s restaurant was open for business, and a lot of respectable people
came to support them, and even received congratulatory gifts softly.
Their $5000 was indeed a small gift.
“Auntie, you are also in difficulty now. I accept your wishes and take the money back.”
Liberty returned the red envelope stuffed to Mrs. Brown.
Mrs. Brown fortified her again.
In addition to Liberty, Mrs. Brown also pushed the red envelope.
Chelsea couldn’t help snatching the red envelope from her mother, and said: “Mom, Liberty is not short of money now, Hank is
still living in the hospital, and when he is discharged from the hospital, I don’t know how much it will cost. I understand you. Take
it back, and buy some nutritional supplements for Hank and my dad to nourish their bodies.”

Only then did Mrs. Brown helplessly say to Liberty: “Liberty, let’s go then, remember to take Sonny to visit his father on

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