Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2275

Elisa nodded, “My mother meant that at the time. I was so annoyed by my mother, and so was Mr. Reading. He didn’t know what
my mother meant at first, but later he did. I heard that he even sold his house and no longer lives in the same villa area with us.”
Speaking of this matter, Elisa was extremely helpful.
She felt sorry for Andrew.
For no reason, Andrew was involved.
Serenity: “Andrew is Zachary’s cousin. He was very annoyed by my aunt’s plan. He ran to Zachary to complain and asked
Zachary to give him advice.”
Before Serenity finished speaking, Elisa guessed it.
She asked Serenity: “Seren, is it Zachary who asked Julian to pursue me?”
“How can Zachary have such a great ability to arrange for Julian to pursue you? He just told his cousin to ask him to go to Julian
for help. Julian suffers from a maniacal disease and is not his destined girl…A girl who marries him will be a widow.
If Julian is willing to come forward to help Andrew divert my aunt’s attention, Andrew will be able to get away. Another point is
that if Julian is willing to come forward, my aunt will also be between Julian and Remy to select.
My aunt is reluctant to let you marry far away, but compared to being a widow, she would rather you marry far away in
Annenburg. You and Remy are also interested by her.”
“Elisa, Zachary talked too much about this matter and pointed out the way for his cousin, but we don’t know how Andrew used to
get Julian to take action. I apologize to you on Zachary’s behalf. During this period of time, because of Julian, you have been
Elisa: “…so that’s what happened.”
The things she couldn’t understand were originally made by her mother.
Elisa had a lot of headaches because of Julian’s “pursuit”, and was even angry. After knowing the truth, she suddenly stopped
being angry.
She couldn’t get angry either.

Because the source came from her biological mother.
Seeing the guilt and humility on Serenity’s face, Elisa quickly comforted Serenity and said, “Seren, you don’t need to apologize, I
won’t be angry, and I won’t blame your Zachary. Although Julian intervened and brought me trouble, there are still benefits, which
cannot be ignored. At least my mother is now much softer, and her attitude towards Remy has improved. Julian is just acting, Not
really chasing me.
“The relationship between Remy and I has also become stronger because of him. The main thing is that Patriarch Bucham
doesn’t go crazy and come to propose marriage. Actually, I’m not that angry.”
Both Serenity and Zachary were worried that Elisa would be angry when she found out the truth, blaming Zachary for talking too
When Elisa found out the truth, she suddenly calmed down. There were so many things going on. It was her mother who
opposed her marrying into Annenburg.
She didn’t blame Zachary.
Serenity blamed herself and said: “Elisa, I knew the truth not long ago, but I didn’t tell you the first time. I saw that because of
Julian’s pursuit of you, my aunt favored Mr. Johnson. I-I didn’t say it the first time.”
Elisa smiled and said: “I’m not angry, you must all be thinking about me. Don’t take it to heart, now that you know the reason, it
can be regarded as solving my confusion.”
Thinking that the first thing Mr. and Mrs. Bucham came to propose marriage after they found out about it, Elisa said with a
headache: “It’s just that Mr. and Mrs. Bucham moved too fast, which is really a headache. Oh, let’s not talk, Seren, I’ll go back
and have a look. You also get off work early, don’t be too tired, the baby in your stomach is the most important thing.”
Elisa picked up her phone, rolled up her bag, and before leaving the office in a hurry, she still reminded Serenity.

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