Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2287

Kiera was naturally moved.
She said: “I’d better think about it. It’s someone else’s home. If we play like this, we will disturb others.”
Mainly, she needed to take twelve students with her wherever she went.
She couldn’t leave the students to be happy and unrestrained.
“It’s okay, it’s really okay, if you’re worried about disturbing others, I’ll send a message to Young Master York now and ask him
what he means.”
Julian worked hard enough to spend more time with Kiera.
He immediately sent a message to Zachary.
However, he first sent a text message, telling Zachary that he was chasing his wife and asking Zachary for help. When replying
to him, Zachary didn’t call him Young Master Bucham; he could call him Mr. Bucham or just call him by his name.
Kiera might not know about the Bucham family.
But Julian still didn’t want her to know.
He’s afraid to frighten her.
He’s also afraid that if she knew the main nature of his Bucham family and that he was the Bucham family’s young master, she’d
think he’d investigated her.
A good impression of him would be greatly reduced.
Kiera was the only woman in this world who colud make his heart move and make him a normal man.
Naturally, Julian would not allow any accidents to happen before marriage.
Zachary and his wife stayed at the Stone family for lunch.
After the meal, he didn’t leave right away.

After receiving the message from Julian, Zachary said to his beloved wife beside him, “Seren, I finally waited until Julian asked
me for help.”
Serenity couldn’t help laughing after hearing his words, and said to him: “You have been waiting for Young Master Bucham to
ask you for help?”
“No, Young Master Bucham is such a formidable person. No matter before, now or in the future, I need to ask Young Master
Bucham for help in many matters. I owe him too much favor, even though he will charge me every time.
For Josh’s face, Julian charges me a small fee for doing things for me. It’s a friendly price. I owe too much, and I always want to
pay it back.
It’s a pity that Julian is so powerful. He has always been the one who helps others. Others can’t help him. It’s rare that he asks
me for help.”
Zachary said and showed his mobile phone to his beloved wife.
Serenity read Julian’s message and said with a smile: “He is imitating you, pretending to be poor first, concealing his identity,
capturing Ms. Caron, and then confessing his identity. He is not afraid that Ms. Caron will be angry if she finds out that he is lying
to her.”
“…Honey, it’s been so long since our affairs, don’t bring up the old scores.”
Zachary sneered, he was most afraid of his wife breaking the old score.
“Julian just concealed the main nature of his Bucham family and his identity as the young master of the Bucham family, probably
because he was afraid of frightening Ms. Caron. The Bucham family often helps others investigate this and that, and those who
get their help, I am grateful to them.
Those who were investigated by them hated them deeply, but the Bucham family is low-key but powerful, and they have close
contacts with several of our big families, so far no one dares to take action, but it is potentially dangerous.
As long as people who understand the Bucham family, unless they themselves are of this nature, or their daughters are also
powerful and fearless, they will think of marrying the Bucham family.”
Julian was the young master of the Bucham family, his future wife, who was potentially the most dangerous.

Zachary: “Ms. Caron knows that Julian is the boss of his company, and the Bucham family also has several companies that can
be sold.”
Serenity snorted, “It’s different from you cheating on your wife. You’re pretending to be poor, but you’re not pretending to be poor.
You’re just pretending to be an ordinary migrant worker, hiding your identity as Young Master York, and fooling me around. Young
Master Bucham lied to his wife to prevent Ms. Caron from knowing what the Bucham family really does. He wanted to trick Ms.
Caron into a trap first.”
Zachary: “…”
Serenity: “Cheating your wife is fun for a while, chasing your wife at the crematorium, it seems that Young Master Bucham has
not learned a lesson from you, but your cousins have learned a lesson.”
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