Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2290

Kiera agreed with Julian’s words.
The two chatted while eating, like old acquaintances.
Julian’s personality was similar to Kiera’s, so the two could chat.
Julian secretly rejoiced that the destined girl God arranged for him was very suitable for him in every aspect.

Wiltspoon branch of FC & Co.
Remy was responsible for the company’s major and minor affairs. He was the president assigned to Wiltspoon by the
headquarters and stationed there for many years.
He just came back from the store when he was going to work in the afternoon.
Everyone noticed that their Mr. Johnson’s mood changed drastically in the afternoon.
That charming handsome face also had an extremely serious expression.
Who offended President Johnson?
Remy was the one with the best temper among the brothers in the Johnson family. He smiled when he saw people and spoke
with a three-point smile, which made people let go of their guards unconsciously.
It was rare to see him with a stern face and a serious expression.
Could it be that something big happened in the company?
Everyone was guessing, but they dared not ask.
They all worked more seriously than usual, for fear that something big would happen to the company and layoffs would be
required. Those who were not serious about their work would definitely be the first batch of layoffs.
Jobs were hard to find these days, and good jobs were even harder to find for them.
They still cherished their work.

The benefits of the FC & Co. could catch up with that of the York Corporation. In Wiltspoon, it was also an enviable thing to be
able to work in the FC & Co.
When Remy returned to his office, the secretary silently brought him a cup of coffee, without daring to say a word, he backed out.
Remy didn’t drink coffee right away.
He sat on the black swivel chair for a while, then got up again, walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows, and looked at the blue sky
and white clouds outside the window.
After a while, he returned to his desk and sat down on the black swivel chair.
Taking out his mobile phone, he called his elder brother.
After Ben answered the phone, Remy asked in a low voice, “Brother, are you busy?”
“Well, I’m quite busy, what’s the matter? Is there a problem over there?” Ben asked with concern.
Ben handed Remy over to take care of the affairs of the Wiltspoon branch of FC & Co. He, the head of the headquarters, seldom
interfered. Unless Remy had problems that he couldn’t handle, Ben would come forward to deal with them.
However, this was rarely the case.
Remy’s work ability was not inferior to that of Ben, he just didn’t want to be the head of the family.
Remy: “It has nothing to do with the company, it’s my private matter, a matter of relationship.”
Business matters won’t make Remy frown.
Only his and Elisa’s future made him worry every day.
He was afraid that Elisa would be snatched away suddenly.
“Did you quarrel with Ms. Stone?” Ben thought his younger brother was arguing with his girlfriend.
“Is it your fault or Miss Stone’s fault?”
Ben was thinking, should he pass on his bottomless scheme of coaxing his wife to his younger brother?

“Neither of us is wrong. Brother, when it was almost noon today, Patriarch Bucham and his wife went to Elisa’s house with
generous gifts to propose marriage.”
Ben: “…”

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