Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2293

Remy still smiled, “I haven’t tasted the taste of receiving grass yet, I’m just waiting for you to satisfy me.”
Elisa: “This is easy to do. Next time I go to the vegetable market, I will bring you a sack of grass and give it all to you.”
Remy: “Should I buy a cow and bring it back?”
Elisa smiled coquettishly, “The grass I gave you, do you dare to use it to feed the cows?”
Remy: “Don’t dare, dare not.”
Elisa opened the bag again, took out two sets of new clothes from the bag, and handed them to Remy, “Take a look, do you like
it? All your clothes are of this brand, so I bought you the same brand, shirts, blazers, everything.”
Remy put down the bouquet, took the clothes, flipped through them, and grinned: “Of course I like the clothes you bought, and
the size is just right for me.”
“Fool, of course you have to buy the clothes that fit you. And two ties, too.”
Elisa took out two more ties.
Finally she took out the watch.
She opened the gift box, took out the Rolex watch, motioned for Remy to stretch out her hand, and she helped him put on the
Remy said, “The watch I wear every day is also a gift from you.”
He gave Elisa many gifts, and Elisa also gave him back.
She said that she would not let her boyfriend be wronged, and he would have it if others had it.
What he had, others might not have.
Elisa: “Wear it alternately. I think this watch looks better.”
Remy let her put it on for him, and after he put it on, he praised: “Elisa, you have a good eye, and the things you bought for me
are beautiful and easy to use, I like it.”

“That is, my vision is very good. Whether it is the things or the people I set my eyes on, they are all excellent.”
Elisa was very confident.
Her background also gave her this strength.
With strength comes confidence.
The man she had taken a fancy to before was Zachary.
Zachary was not also very good, although Zachary did not belong to her, she would not deny Zachary’s excellence.
Later, she liked Remy, who was also an excellent man.
A real quality man.
“Elisa, tell me, why did you suddenly send me so many gifts?” Remy looked at her with burning black eyes, and said, “I’m a little
panicked, afraid that after you gave me these things, you would tell me ‘Remy, you are fine, but I am not good enough, let’s
break up’.”
Elisa smiled and said, “Have you followed Jasmine to read novels? You must have read too many novels. Your imagination is so
Remy: “People who read a lot of novels don’t necessarily have a rich imagination, but those who write novels must have a rich
imagination. My sister-in-law used to write novels part-time. She continued to write after she married my brother. Later, she
finished a novel. She recognized her biological parents again, and there were too many things, so she didn’t write any more.”
But his sister-in-law was always ready to write.
Always his sister-in-law’s staring at his brothers and cousins, he seriously suspected that his sister-in-law planned to write a
series of articles about the love history of the young master of the Johnson family.
The cousins below were most afraid of being targeted by the sister-in-law.
They always think that sister-in-law was the embodiment of Yuelao, as long as they were targeted by sister-in-law, their love
would soon knock on the door.

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