Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2298

As soon as Kevin entered the elevator, he quickly took off his high heels.
It turns out that high heels were so difficult to wear.
No wonder Hayden didn’t like to wear it, and she refused to wear it. She didn’t even want to change back to women’s clothes,
she just liked men’s clothes.
She refused to accept the skirts and high heels he gave her. He said he wanted to see her in women’s clothing, but she also
wanted to see him in women’s clothing…
Today, he only showed her wearing women’s clothing once.
Wearing long fake hair and long skirts was a trivial matter, and putting on make-up to make him resolute facial features look
milder, these were easy to control, but those high heels were not easy to control.
He walked staggeringly and crookedly.
Fortunately, this was Jensburg. He didn’t tell everyone that he was Kevin.
Otherwise, let media reporters know, it would definitely become the headline news of the entertainment section.
Kevin deliberately held a bag.
There was a set of his casual clothes stuffed in the bag, and he would change in the lounge in Hayden’s office later.
That is, he didn’t bring shoes. He put it in the car.
Hayden should have shoes, so he’d borrow hers to wear them when the time comes.
The elevator brought Kevin to the top floor.
He put on the high heels again, then stepped out of the elevator and walked straight to Hayden’s office.
Hayden’s secretary had just come out of the office. When he saw Kevin, he instinctively wanted to say hello, but when he saw
that it was a woman, he swallowed back the secretary’s words: “Mr. York”.
Fortunately, unlike others, the secretary reacted very quickly after being stunned, and immediately stopped Kevin from entering
the office.

The secretary was still scolding those people below in his heart, why did he let a woman come upstairs? Did he think Mr. Queen
had too few suits?
In other words, this woman looked like the Third Young Master York, and it was not an exaggeration to say that the facial
features were exactly the same.
“it’s me.”
Kevin made no secrets in front of the secretary.
The low words made the secretary dumbfounded, and then watched him push open the office door and go in.
“…Third Young Master York?”
The secretary finally came to his senses, the door of the office was closed.
“Third Young Master York? The woman who just entered was dressed as Third Young Master York?”
The secretary muttered to himself, trying very hard to convince himself to believe his eyes.
He was not blind.
It was real.
That woman was the Third Young Master York. Was he a man disguised as a woman?
Or was it that Mr. Queen never accepts the feelings of the Third Young Master York, so the Third Young Master York pretends to
be a woman? In order to take down their Mr. Queen, Young Master York worked really hard, even using tricks like pretending to
be a woman.
What a sacrifice!
Two people, if one of them was a woman, were really a good match.
Unfortunately, both were men.
The secretary believed that his boss was not crooked. No matter what Hank did, even if Donald and his wife were taken down,
Hayden would never accept Hank’s feelings.

His Boss, Mr. Queen, always liked real women.
The secretary really wanted to open the door and go in to see his boss’s reaction, but finally held back.
Kevin closed the door of the office and locked the door behind him, so as not to be disturbed by others to talk about love with
Hayden was busy, she didn’t even raise her head, thinking it was the secretary going and coming back, she didn’t raise her head
until she heard the footsteps of high heels and realized that the person who came in was not the secretary.
When facing Kevin’s handsome face with makeup on, the pen in Hayden’s hand dropped on the table, rolled around a few times,
and then fell to the ground.
Kevin came over, stood opposite her, raised his hand to brush his fake long hair, turned around a few times, showed off the long
skirt, and finally asked the dumbfounded Hayden: “Hayden, how are you? Women’s clothing Pretty, right? My facial features are
too strong, even if I wear women’s clothing and makeup, I don’t have the softness of a woman.”

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