Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2301

“Kevin.” Hayden yelled with a cold face.
Kevin came back to his senses.
He was about to go forward.
“Continue to stand where you are, take out your mobile phone, and take two photos. I’ll change back into my clothes as soon as
possible.In the future, I probably won’t change into women’s clothes again.”
Kevin took out his mobile phone and said, “Okay, okay, I’ll take a picture right away, don’t change your clothes yet.”
He quickly took a picture of her with his mobile phone.
She didn’t wear make-up, but she was born a beauty, and she put on women’s clothes and a wig, just as he imagined, she was
so beautiful.
He took several shots on the side.
Hayden turned around and went to the bathroom.
Kevin quickly patted her back again, and took pictures of her walking in women’s clothing.
What a nice view!
After Kevin took the photo, the smile on his face couldn’t be put away.
He repeatedly looked at her pictures of women’s clothing.
Then he chose the most lovely one and made it his home screen picture.
In this way, he could see her beautiful photos every time he uses his mobile phone.
He also wanted to enlarge it a bit, post it, and then place it all over his room. He also wanted to post some smaller ones, put
them in small photo frames, and hang them on his key chain. In short, he hoped to see her beautiful photo all the time.
It was very rare to be able to take photos of her in women’s clothing.

Kevin didn’t think about why she suddenly changed into women’s clothes to show him, he only knew that she was wearing
women’s clothes, probably this time, the only time.
It would be difficult to see her in women’s clothing in the future.
After today’s incident of him wearing women’s clothes, Kevin also gave up the idea of forcing her to change back into women’s
In her words, she was used to pretending to be a man, and she was used to dressing like this, so it was too difficult for her to
wear women’s clothing and high heels.
He felt uncomfortable and uncomfortable, so why force her to do it?
He liked her for who she was, not what clothes she wore.
He liked her whether she wore men’s or women’s clothes.
Kevin thought, if one day she ever agreed to marry him as his wife, he could accept her wearing a suit and holding a wedding
with her, making people misunderstand that they were gay.
Anyway, he knew she was not a man.
After a while, Hayden came out of the bathroom, holding the long dress and wig in her hand.
Walking over, she threw the long skirt and wig back to Kevin, “Take it back.”
“okay.” Kevin was in a happy mood, he caught the skirt and wig, and wanted to talk to Hayden, but Hayden walked out of the
lounge quickly.
She must be shy.
Kevin thought with a smile.
She was finally willing to wear women’s clothing once for him, even if it was only for a few minutes, he was satisfied.
Hayden was not completely indifferent to him.
She liked him.

It’s just that she was emotionally introverted, and it’s hard to see that she had feelings for him.
Hayden had just returned to her desk when there was a knock on the door.
“Brother, open the door, brother, why did you lock the door in broad daylight?”
Hugh’s voice came in through the door.
Hayden responded with a black face: “You don’t know how to open the door and come in?”
Hugh: “It can’t be opened, you locked the door.”
Hayden: “…”
It was estimated that Kevin locked the door of the office to prevent people from entering.

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