Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2304

Mr. Rogers also replied politely. He glanced at Kevin and then at Hayden, with sympathy for Hayden in his eyes.
Hayden was the most outstanding young talent he had ever seen. If he had a daughter who was suitable for his age, he would
like to match her with Hayden.
Unexpectedly, Hayden would be entangled by Kevin unluckily.
Kevin was also cheeky enough, Hayden said clearly that he didn’t like homos*xuals, Kevin still stalked.
He heard that Hayden’s admirers couldn’t compete with Kevin, and they were all defeated, mainly because they were not as
shameless as Kevin, and Hayden didn’t give them any chance.
Therefore, those women who admired Hayden hated Kevin so much that they had nothing to do with him.
“Well, I’m waiting for Mr. Queen to get off work and have dinner together in the evening.” Kevin knew what Mr. Rogers meant
when he looked at him, and he didn’t care what others thought of him.
Everyone thought he was gay.
They knew that they were all deceived by Hayden.
“Hayden, I’ll wait in the VIP room next door, so I won’t disturb you talking about business with Mr. Rogers.”
Kevin said to Hayden thoughtfully, then walked out on his own, and went to the VIP room next door.
After Kevin left, Hayden asked Mr. Rogers to sit down in front of the sofa.
Mr. Rogers was sitting exactly where Kevin was sitting just now.
The long skirt and high-heeled shoes that Kevin wore were all stuffed into a bag, and the bag was also placed where he was
Sitting like this, Mr. Rogers saw the skirt and high heels in the bag.
Hayden quickly took the bag and stuffed it under the coffee table.
“Mr. Queen, I know it’s a private matter between you and Mr. York, but I still have the cheek to say a few words. I think you are
too tolerant of Mr. York. You are a normal man and don’t like homose*uality. You must firmly reject it to the end and don’t give Mr.

York any chance.”
Mr. Rogers said out loud.
Hayden said with a wry smile: “Mr. Rogers, you have never dealt with Mr. York before. I don’t know how entangled he is. It’s not
that I haven’t tried to refuse to the end. It doesn’t work.”
At first, she firmly refused.
At that time, she didn’t know that she was the daughter-in-law candidate chosen by Grandma York for Kevin.
Later she found out that she died of that rejection, mainly because she couldn’t refuse.
Kevin was too difficult to deal with.
She had never met such a difficult man.
Another point was that her parents liked Kevin very much, and they were very happy to know that she was the granddaughter-in-
law of York’s grandma.
A family of four, parents and younger brother were all on Kevin’s side, and they all wanted to marry her to Kevin. She was equal
to being attacked by her family and Kevin inside and outside. In this case, how could she be Kevin’s opponent?
After getting along for a long time, Hayden didn’t say anything, but she knew in her heart that she already had some feelings for
Otherwise, just to satisfy Kevin’s wish, she wouldn’t have changed into women’s clothing.
Except when she was a child, even her parents had never seen her in women’s clothing.
She was willing to change into women’s clothing for Kevin, which showed that she liked Kevin.
Mr. Rogers made a move and said: “Mr. Queen, you want to get rid of Mr. York and make Mr. York give up. The most effective
way is you to find a girlfriend, date for a period of time, and then get married. Mr. York will give up.
Mr. Queen, you have many admirers, but you never give them a chance. Mr. York will think that you don’t like women, so he
doesn’t give up, so he keeps pestering you.”

After being silent for a while, Hayden smiled and said, “Mr. Rogers, let’s talk about business.”
She was a woman, how could she fall in love with a woman?
Wasn’t that harmful?
Kevin pursued her openly, letting everyone in Jensburg know that she was being stalked by Kevin. Those girls who admired her,
but couldn’t beat Kevin, would gradually give up on her.
When her female identity is revealed, those girls will not be sad, so it can be regarded as saving them.

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