Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2305

By the time Hayden and Mr. Rogers finished talking about business matters, it was already evening.
“Mr. Rogers, happy cooperation.”
Hayden stood up and shook hands with Mr. Rogers.
Mr. Rogers shook hands with Hayden and smiled: “It’s a happy cooperation.”
“Mr. Rogers, let’s have a meal together, I treat you.”
Hayden checked the time and invited Mr. Rogers to have dinner with her, but Mr. Rogers declined.
He said apologetically, “Thank you, Mr. Queen, let’s do it another day. I have to go home for dinner tonight. It’s the fifteenth
anniversary of my wife’s marriage. That’s because I need to go home to spend time with my wife. I’ll treat you to dinner another
Hayden didn’t force it, she personally escorted Mr. Rogers out of the office and sent him to the first floor.
“Mr. Queen, don’t send me any more. Goodbye.” Mr. Rogers stopped at the entrance of the office building and refused to let
Hayden see him off.
Hayden stood there, watching Mr. Rogers leave.
Seeing Mr. Rogers’s car driving out of Queen Enterprise, she turned around and walked back.
“Mr. Queen.”
“Mr. Queen.”
When it was time to get off work, everyone went out, except Hayden who went in.
Everyone who saw her greeted her respectfully.
Hayden didn’t know if it’s a delusion or a sensitivity, She always felt that when everyone greeted her, they looked at her with
weird eyes.
Thinking of Kevin who was still waiting in the VIP room on the top floor, Hayden sighed in her heart.

It’s not surprising that people saw her that way.
It was all caused by Kevin.
Pretending to be a woman, Kevin ran to the company to look for her, and was seen by so many people, so it must have spread
to every corner of the company.
“elder brother.”
Hugh just came downstairs. Seeing his sister walking back, he stopped and called out.
“Mr. Rogers is gone?” Hugh asked.
Hayden hummed, saw that Hugh had taken off his suit jacket, and asked him, “Where are you going at night?”
“My confidante is going to go shopping, so she asks me to accompany her, just to be a free porter.”
When the sound fell, he was stared at by his sister.
Hayden scolded his brother in a low voice: “If you have such leisure, you should find a good woman to get along with. Don’t keep
talking about your confidante. It will ruin your reputation. People outside will say that you are a playboy. You have no love for
those bosom friends. How wronged you are!”
Like her, she knew that she was a woman and couldn’t accept girls’ feelings.
No matter how noble the other party’s background was, she would not accept it, and would not give him the slightest chance.
There was once an admirer who had dark forces in her family.
After falling in love with her, she stalked her for a long time, and even the other party’s father and brother put pressure on her,
used both soft and hard methods, and even took the Queen Enterprise into surgery. She withstood the huge pressure and was
unwilling to give the other party a chance.
Because she was a woman.
Unable to marry a woman.
“Brother, I’ll go first, you go upstairs quickly, don’t keep Mr. York waiting for a long time.”

Hugh was most afraid of his sister nagging him a lot of confidante. As soon as his sister told him, he ran away quickly.
Hayden looked at his younger brother, who ran away as if fleeing for his life. His handsome face was pale, but there was nothing
she could do about him.
Emotional things couldn’t be forced.
Hugh had no affection for those confidantes, so it was useless to say that he was.
Kathryn, whom she helped her younger brother fall in love with, but younger brother didn’t like her.
Besides, Kathryn didn’t feel that way about her younger brother either.
10 minutes later.
Hayden returned to the top floor.

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