Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2306

The secretary hadn’t left yet. When she saw Hayden coming back, she reminded her: “Mr. Queen, Mr. York is still in the VIP
Hayden: “I see, the evening schedule is canceled, you get off work first.”
Hearing that Hayden said that the evening schedule was canceled, the secretary couldn’t help but feel happy because Hayden
didn’t socialize at night, so he, the secretary, could also rest for a night and could accompany his girlfriend.
As Hayden’s secretary, he was busy with work, left early and returned late every day, and had not dated his girlfriend for a long
His girlfriend had a problem with him.
After Hayden ordered the secretary to cancel the evening schedule, he walked to the door of the VIP room, opened the door
gently, and saw Kevin sitting on the sofa, holding a cup of tea while flipping through the newspapers on the coffee table.
The expression was leisurely and content, without the slightest impatient waiting.
Sensing someone coming in, Kevin looked up and saw that it was Hayden.
He put down his teacup, got up and walked towards Hayden, and asked with concern: “Are you done with the business? How is
Hayden responded: “We have already discussed the cooperation between Queen and Rogers Group. Mr. Rogers came over
today and talked all afternoon. The agreement is settled and the cooperation is pleasant.”
Kevin congratulated her, “Congratulations!”
Hayden was in a happy mood, “Thank you.”
Take a look at the newspaper he was reading and the tea he was drinking, and ask him, “Reading the newspaper?”
Kevin: “Well, reading the newspaper, drinking tea, and waiting for the woman I love to get off work, I think my little life is really

Hayden stared at him, “Who is your woman now?”
Kevin: “You are my beloved woman, I am not wrong.”
Hayden: “…”
She misheard and reacted a little too quickly.
“Are you off work?” Seeing her speechless, Kevin felt that he had the upper hand again.
He held her hand in a good mood, but when she shook it off, he held it again, but with a little strength, to prevent her from
breaking free.
“Kevin, this is Queen Enterprise, in my company!” Hayden reminded him seriously.
She forcefully shook off his hand again, and when he was still about to reach out, she warned: “Be careful, I’ll give you a
shoulder throw.”
Kevin: “You broke me, and you still have to take care of me.
Whoever will take care of you deserves to be thrown.”
Hayden turned and walked towards the door, “I’ll go home and have dinner with my parents.”
Originally, she had entertainment at night.
For this guy, she asked her secretary to cancel her evening schedule.
Hearing this, Kevin immediately followed her footsteps with a smile, and said with a smile: “I miss Uncle Queen and Auntie, I will
go back with you to eat with them.”
Hayden didn’t bother to respond to him.
Kevin was so thick-skinned that he could go to her house every day to grab a meal.
“By the way, there is something I forgot to tell you.”
Kevin chased Hayden out of the VIP room, and when he saw Hayden returning to the office, he followed, taking out an invitation
card as he walked.

Without looking back, Hayden asked him in a low voice: “What’s the matter, tell me, I’ll listen.”
Kevin handed the invitation directly to Hayden.
Hayden stopped in her tracks, glanced at him twice, her eyes fell on the invitation card, and asked him, “What is this?”
“My elder brother and sister-in-law are going to hold a wedding in advance. This is their invitation to invite your family to have a
wedding reception. It was originally sent to you by someone else. After I found out, I made the trip myself.”
He also changed into women’s clothes and touched the invitation before he remembered this important event.
Hearing that it was Zachary and Serenity’s wedding invitation, Hayden took it, opened it and looked at it, and said, “Got it, I’ll be
there on the wedding day.”
Kevin: “You can go there two days in advance. Our family doesn’t have to worry about having no place to live. We can arrange
for you distinguished guests who have come from afar to stay.”
Hayden returned to the desk with the invitation, tidied up the table, took something else, and then went out with Kevin.
“I can only squeeze in one day,” she said as she walked.
Kevin: “The last time Josh got married, your family stayed in Wiltspoon for two days.”
After Hayden was silent, she said, “Then I’ll work overtime these few days to see if I can spare two or three days to attend your
elder brother’s wedding.”
She would definitely attend Zachary’s wedding.
It was a question of the length of time to stay in Wiltspoon.

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