Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2307

Hearing what Hayden said, Kevin felt sorry for her that she had to work overtime, felt that she would be tired, and quickly said:
“Hayden, forget it, you can go to have a glass of wedding wine on the wedding day. I wanted you to stay in Wiltspoon for a few
days, and I will take you around for fun.
“I’ll be there wherever you go. It’s okay to go back to Jensburg to accompany you, it doesn’t have to be in Wiltspoon.”
With a dark face, Hayden said to him: “You don’t have to do anything all day long? Your elder brother is still assured that you will
take over the catering business of your York Corporation. One day your York Corporation’s catering business will be pushed out
of the circle. It will be your responsibility. You have nothing to do every day and idle around.”
If he used his energy of stalking her to do business, he would definitely become a bigwig in the business world.
Kevin would say: I am already a bigwig in the business world.
“The various industries involved in the York Corporation are basically stable. Besides, I don’t care about things at all. If there are
important matters in the hotel, I will also deal with them.”
Kevin always had a smile on his face, which made Hayden want to pinch his face hard, bite him, and see if he still smiles?
“For me now, chasing after my wife is the most important thing. If I can’t catch up with you, I won’t be able to go back to
Wildridge Manor for the New Year this year. My grandma will really kick me out.
Hayden, when the time comes, I will be kicked out of the house by my grandma. You should take me in. I will stay at your house
and have the New Year’s Eve dinner.”
Kevin suddenly felt that this method was feasible.
It’s October, and the New Year was not far away.
Looking at Hayden’s appearance, he couldn’t get Hayden to marry him years ago, and he didn’t even have much hope of getting
engaged. If grandma May really kicked him out and wouldn’t let him spend the New Year at home, he would drag his luggage
and join Hayden.
Uncle Queen and Auntie Queen would be very happy to live in Queen’s house and spend the New Year in Queen’s house.
Ha ha.

Hayden had black lines on her face.
The elevator door opened, and she went in directly. When Kevin was about to come in, she suddenly pushed hard, pushing
Kevin back, and fell to the ground.
She quickly closed the elevator doors.
Finally, the ears were quiet.
“Hayden, Hayden.”
Kevin got up from the ground and rushed to the elevator door, it was too late.
“He pushed me out without saying hello.”
Although Kevin was pushed out, he was not angry.
The next moment, he hurried down the stairs.
After running two floors of stairs, he ran back to the elevator entrance and took another elevator to go down to the next floor.
There was only one elevator for the Queen Enterprise to go up to the top floor.
Other elevators couldn’t reach the top floor, and he needed to walk a little stairs to get to the top floor.
Hayden knew that by pushing like that, she couldn’t really get rid of Kevin, and she even told Kevin that she was going home to
eat with her parents.
Kevin would go directly to her house.
But it could make his ears quiet for a short time.
He talked too much.
Sometimes, Hayden would be amused by his words, and sometimes she would be p!ssed off by him.
But with him, she felt very relaxed.
Maybe it was because he knew she was a woman.

In front of Kevin, Hayden didn’t have to be careful, worrying that others would know her identity as a woman.
When Kevin chased her out, Hayden’s special car drove out of the Queen Enterprise under the escort of several bodyguard cars.
He was not in a hurry.
Knowing that Hayden was going back to Queen’s mansion, he could just drive there.
He went to buy a lot of things first, and every time he went to Queen’s house, he would pack big and small bags.
Hayden met Kathryn on the way.
Kathryn’s car broke down. She got out of the car and checked it, but she couldn’t find the reason.

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