Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2309

Watching Kathryn enter the hotel, Hayden said to the driver, “Go back to the old house.”
Hayden leaned back on the car seat, thinking about Kathryn.
The people who would plot against Kathryn were Kathryn’s family members without asking.
In the Farrell family, the only ones who really wanted to make Kathryn a leader were the head of the Farrell family and those in
the collateral lineage.
The former young master of the Farrell family was Shiloh, but Shiloh was not the real daughter of the Farrell family. How could
the offshoots of the Farrell family be willing to let Shiloh take over?
If Kathryn couldn’t shoulder the heavy burden, those daughters from the collateral lineage would start to make trouble.
Hayden felt that the person who did it was Kathryn’s family, and people in the collateral line might also know about it, but she
didn’t stop it.
Although Kathryn was the real daughter of the Farrell family, she didn’t grow up in the Farrell family, and she couldn’t deal with
the family members since she was a child. The members of the Farrell family in the collateral line were worried that after Kathryn
came to power, she would be more stern and selfless than the head of the Farrell family.
After all, Kathryn didn’t have a deep friendship with them.
If Shiloh couldn’t take the position, Kathryn couldn’t bear the big responsibility, only their subordinates had a chance.
The battle between wealthy families had always been cruel.
Think about how Matriarch Farrell was able to kill even her own sisters in order to get the upper hand.
For fame and profit, they could do anything.
From the Farrell family’s secret struggle and turbulent waves, she thought of the York family.
The York family had always been harmonious. Brothers, uncles and nephews would not fight for fame and fortune. Their family
also attached great importance to education. Every child was cultivated to become a talent. Everyone had different preferences.

If they were capable, they would develop in their favorite industry.
They had a successful career, and even if they didn’t take over the family company, they could support their own piece of blue
Hayden suddenly understood why her parents liked Kevin so much. Apart from Kevin’s ability to be worthy of her, her parents
also liked the York family behind Kevin.
Her parents always hoped that she could marry a good husband.
Hayden was thinking about her and Kevin’s future, and lost her mind until the driver stopped the car and turned to remind her:
“Young Master, you’re home.”
Only then did Hayden come back to her senses.
Outside the car, the sky was already dark, and the street lights in Queen’s yard were all on.
Kevin was waiting at the door of the house, when he saw Hayden’s Maybach stopped, he walked over with a smile, opened the
car door for Hayden, and said with a smile: “You are in front of me, why did you come back later than me?”
He said this as if he was already part of Queen’s family, and regarded Queen’s family as his home.
Hayden got out of the car, glanced at him, then walked towards the main house, and said as she walked, “I met Kathryn on the
way. Her car was tampered with, which caused her car to break down on the way. She has an appointment with an important
client at my Greenrest Hotel. she can’t be late. I took her there.”
Kevin walked side by side with her, tried to hold her hand, but when she pushed him away, she glared at him twice.
Kevin rubbed his nose and chuckled, “Holding my hands won’t make you lose a piece of meat.
Okay, okay, don’t pull, don’t stare at me, keep staring at me, leave a shadow on me, sleep at night and have nightmares, I will
come to you to settle the score.”
Hayden: “I’m so scary, if I can make you have nightmares, please give you a hand and spare me, and don’t appear in front of me
in the future, lest you have nightmares.”
Kevin: “It’s thrilling to have nightmares. I like thrilling the most.”

Hayden: “…”
Kevin said again: “Kathryn’s car was tampered with, she didn’t have a car accident? Does that person not want her to die?”
Kevin: “That person really want her dead?”
“Her life and death have nothing to do with me. I think most people who tamper with other people’s cars want to cause a car
accident and kill the other person, rather than let the car break down halfway. Kathryn’s siblings, even her biological mother,
have no feelings for her, let alone Shiloh.”
Kevin: “If they attack, it will definitely kill Kathryn.”
Hayden looked at him, “You mean, this matter was manipulated by Matriarch Farrell? Create a situation for Kathryn and see how
Kathryn can solve it?”
Kevin said: “There is this possibility, and it is also possible that those people have not dared to take her life at once. This time it is
just a tentative move.”
Hayden leaned towards the latter.

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