Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2311

Kevin: “Okay, I’ll arrange it, and I promise you will be happy tonight.”
As long as Hayden was willing to date him.
Hayden glanced at him, smiled, and said, “I’m very happy when I’m with you, you have the potential to be a pistachio.”
Kevin laughed even more.
His marriage partner was Hayden, and Hayden had a calm personality, so he dared not expect that Hayden would say a word of
love to him.
Hayden’s words were not sweet words, but to Kevin’s ears, they were love words.
It’s so sweet into his heart.
During the meal, Kevin was so considerate to Hayden that he almost fed Hayden.
Hayden looked at the bowls he had piled up into a mountain with a smile on her face, and said to him: “I have grown hands, and
I can pick up vegetables by myself. I don’t need you to help me. Look, my bowls are full of the vegetables you picked up. I can’t
eat even if I want to eat.”
After she finished speaking, Kevin immediately went to serve her another bowl of rice.
He also served her a bowl of soup.
Hayden: “…”
She picked up the serving chopsticks and filled a bowl full of dishes for Kevin.
Kevin was cheerful, watching her while eating his bowl full of vegetables.
Hayden: “Eat as soon as you eat, why do you always look at me?”
Kevin: “I like to look at you, you are the dish in my bowl, my favorite dish.”
Hayden: “…Besides my favorite dish, you have many favorite dishes, don’t you?”
Kevin: “No, absolutely not. I just like your dish. I don’t like other dishes. All the men in our family like to eat alone.”

Hayden: “Eating alone is not the same as eating only one dish. Look, I’ve packed so many dishes for you, and you love them all.”
Kevin: “…”
He paused in the action of picking up vegetables, and didn’t know whether to eat or not for a while.
Seeing his tangled look, Hayden chuckled, “If you say I’m pretty, then I don’t have so many things to do. Hurry up and eat.”
Kevin: “Hayden, I’m serious about you, I only love you!”
Hayden ate the vegetables elegantly, with a happy expression on her face, which meant she was in a good mood at the moment.
She said: “Life is so long, can you guarantee it? I can’t even guarantee what will happen in the future.”
How many lovers, when they were passionately in love, made vows to each other, cheated within a few years after marriage,
there were too many.
Kevin choked, and said: “I also know that it’s useless to say nice words, and I can only prove it with practical actions, but you
have to give me this opportunity to prove it to you.”
Hayden continued to enjoy her dinner leisurely.
Hayden: “You’re asking me to gamble my whole life.”
Kevin: “…I also use my whole life to gamble.”
Marriage is a gamble.
Hayden didn’t answer immediately. After she drank some soup, she said to Kevin: “Come on, let’s compete, who eats the fastest
and eats the most, and don’t waste anything. If you win, I will bet with you for the rest of my life. If you lose, forget it.”
After her voice fell, Kevin immediately began to pick up vegetables and grilled rice.
Hayden: “You can’t wait for mine?”
Kevin stopped.
Hayden: “Wait until I say one, two, three to start.”

“All right.” Kevin held the chopsticks, nervous, waiting for her to say one, two, three to start.
Hayden also got ready, and said quickly, “Start.”
The two started eating right away.
Hayden’s self-cultivation made her eat as fast as Kevin.
Kevin didn’t even care about the image of the third young master of the York family.
A gust of wind blows the clouds, and the winner is determined.
Kevin was full.
But he won.
Hayden: “…Are you feeling unwell?”

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