Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2313

Hayden: “…You are also blessed by your grandma. Your grandma found out that I am a woman, not you.”
Kevin still giggled, “Yes, yes, I was blessed by my grandma. If it weren’t for my grandma, I really wouldn’t know that you are a
woman, let alone pursue you.
When my grandma gave me your photo and told me to pursue you and marry you, I thought my grandma had a problem with
me. She chose a man to be my wife against me and wanted me to become gay.”
Grandma said that you are a woman, but I don’t even believe it. Looking at your photo, you are clearly a handsome man. So, at
first, I was very resistant. I don’t want to pursue you. I’m afraid that people will say that I’m gay. Didn’t I want to expose your
identity as a woman at first? Unfortunately, I don’t have that great ability. You are indeed impeccable in pretending to be a man. It
took a lot of time for my grandma to investigate you and prove that you are a woman.”
Hayden came to a sudden: “No wonder, I feel that you have been targeting me for a while, seeming to suspect that I am a
woman, but also think it is impossible, because we have rarely met in the past.”
“and after?”
Hayden asked curiously.
She had a little affection for him, and was willing to gamble with him for the rest of her life, so she wanted to know his
psychological process, and how he liked her little by little.
After all, anyone who faced her thought she was a man.
It was impossible for a normal man to like her.
A crooked man would not dare to pursue her even if he liked her.
Kevin said honestly: “It was my love consultants who suggested that I pursue you directly, saying that if I spend more time to
prove that you are a woman, I am afraid that I will never be able to chase you in my life. It would be a waste of time.”
Hayden asked: “Your love counselor?”
Kevin said: “My brother, and my sister-in-law.”
Hayden: “…”

No wonder, Kevin suddenly confessed his love to her and said in a high-profile way that he wanted to pursue her, which caused
a great commotion in Jensburg.
Since that day, he had been pestering her endlessly, and her ears couldn’t be quiet.
Oh, no, compared to being entangled by many admirers before, her ears were still much quieter, and now the only suitor she
faced was Kevin.
Occasionally, Shiloh would come out to make soy sauce, Shiloh was powerless against Kevin, probably so, now Shiloh didn’t
dare to show her face in front of her.
Hayden: “Eldest Young Mistress also acted as your love advisor!”
Kevin: “What’s so strange? We have a good relationship between brothers. My sister-in-law married into my York family and also
integrated into my York family. She is a part of my York family. She naturally hopes for my well-being just like my brothers. You
should know the young lady of Johnson’s family in Annenburg. My sister-in-law has a very good personal relationship with her.
Maybe it’s because of her influence, and she also likes to eat melons like us.”
Hayden: “The old Mrs. York saying is true: everyone has a heart for gossip.
I know the young lady of the Jun family, but I haven’t met her in person. I have met your sister-in-law. She is a very comfortable
person. I just feel very comfortable looking at her.”
Kevin smiled, “My grandma’s eyesight is not bad. So my grandma is responsible for the major life events of our brothers. As long
as grandma chooses a goal for us, we all believe that it must be a girl who is suitable for us.
My grandma always scolded us pigs for not knowing how to make cabbage, and we asked her to find us cabbage. It was obvious
that she was anxious, wanted to hug her great-granddaughter, urged us to get married, and anxiously helped us find targets

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