Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2314

Hayden understood and said: “Old people are like this, my parents are not the same, especially for me, my parents are very
worried. Seeing you, my parents are happier than seeing a golden mountain. They feel that the big event in my life is finally on
the horizon.”
Kevin was triumphant, “That means I am outstanding.”
Hayden smiled, “Yes, yes, you are very good, very good.”
The two talked and laughed along the way, and soon arrived at Fortress Hotel.
Like last time, Kevin took Hayden to the green passage, and took Hayden to the swimming pool on the roof without disturbing
Here, Hayden opened the door of defense to Kevin, and Kathryn over there finally settled the deal.
She walked the client out of the hotel, and watched the client get in the car and leave before she let out a sigh of relief.
After standing at the entrance of the hotel for a while, she called her assistant, Mr. Pedro Fraser and asked him to pick her up.
Her car was being maintained at 4S Shop.
Kathryn: “You wait for me inside the hotel, don’t stand outside, even though it’s October, it’s still hot.”
Mr. Fraser reminded Kathryn.
“Okay, I’ll wait for you in the lounge area on the first floor of the hotel.”
Mr. Fraser responded, and quickly hung up the phone.
He was Kathryn’s life assistant arranged by the matriarch Farrell after Kathryn returned to Farrell’s house.
Mr. Fraser was mature and steady, and reliable in his work. Kathryn didn’t want to use him at first, but after he proved his ability
with facts, Kathryn would use him, and she got used to it.
Moreover, after Mr. Fraser came to her side, he expressed to her that as long as he was alive, he would only be loyal to her and
would no longer obey her mother.

Kathryn also saw what he had done, and she believed that Mr. Fraser could do what he said and did after getting along day and
night for more than a year.
She remembered that when she first returned to Farrell’s house, her mother gave her Mr. Fraser to be her life assistant. Shiloh’s
envious and jealous look let Kathryn know that Mr. Fraser was a useful person.
Only later did she know that every generation of matriarchs had a capable life assistant by their side. That life assistant was
trained by the Farrell family’s training base.
The life assistant of the next-generation Matriarch would first practice with the previous Matriarch, and the Matriarch would
inspect his character and verify whether his ability was qualified.
The assistant would be arranged by the successor’s side only when Matriarch Farrell had determined the successor and did not
plan to change the successor.
Then, the assistant could only be loyal to one person in his lifetime.
Therefore, when Shiloh saw her adoptive mother arrange Mr. Fraser to Kathryn’s side, she would be envious and jealous.
Obviously, she was brought up in Farrell’s parents and was also trained as a successor. Mr. Fraser had practiced with her
adoptive mother five years ago, but her adoptive mother never arranged Mr. Fraser to be with her.
Shiloh didn’t want to admit it, but she had to admit that deep down, her adoptive mother was not very satisfied with the successor
she had cultivated by herself.
That’s why she never arranged Mr. Fraser with her.
Mr. Fraser came very quickly.
He was the most powerful and trustworthy person around Kathryn; even if he didn’t follow her, he wouldn’t stay away. As long as
Kathryn needed him, if she called him, he would arrive in the shortest time.

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