Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2317

After listening to Kathryn’s words, Mr. Fraser didn’t ask any more questions.
He had won Kathryn’s trust, but he couldn’t get too involved in her private affairs.
The main thing was that Kathryn wouldn’t think about Young Master Queen.
Mr. Fraser carried Kathryn back to the Farrell family’s mansion. The butler came out of the house and saw that Kathryn had
returned. He greeted her with a smile on his face.
“Miss, you’re back.”
Kathryn opened the car door and got out of the car, and hummed, which was a response to the butler.
She raised her feet and walked towards the main house, asking as she walked, “Is Mom back?”
“Madam didn’t entertain at night, so she came back directly after get off work.”
The butler followed Kathryn and answered Kathryn’s questions as he walked, seeming to be respectful to Kathryn.
But Kathryn knew that the butler was the best at acting.
The butler behaved well when her mother was home.
The one behind was standing on Shiloh’s side.
Kathryn didn’t say anything else, and went straight into the room.
As soon as she walked to the door of the house, she heard everyone’s laughter.
When everyone saw that the person who came in was Kathryn, the laughter stopped abruptly, and the smile on their faces also
Kathryn looked composed.
In addition to her family members sitting in the hall, there was also a strange man whom she had never seen before.
After the man saw Kathryn, his eyes wandered presumptuously on her body, and finally he looked quite satisfied.
Kathryn guessed what was going on in his heart.

She walked over nonchalantly and said hello to her parents.
“Kathryn is back. Your mother said you were going to discuss business tonight. I thought you would come back after midnight.”
Holden Janzen was the one who spoke. He had never liked Kathryn, even though she was his own daughter. He usually had
different eyes and a different nose when he saw Kathryn, but tonight he had a nice face.
After Kathryn greeted her parents, she found a seat and sat down on her own.
Kathryn said: “I came back when I settled the business. Dad, do you want me to talk about business until midnight?”
Holden smiled: “I don’t care about the company’s affairs, but your mother usually needs to socialize, and when talking about
business, she comes back very late.”
“It’s good that you’re back. Let’s meet Young Master Giguere. His name is Leo Giguere, and he is the second young master in
Jensburg from the Giguere family.”
Holden smiled and introduced Leo Giguere to Kathryn.
Kathryn sat still.
She didn’t have much impression of the Giguere family, so it shouldn’t be considered a wealthy family, and she couldn’t squeeze
into a family of high society.
Anyway, since she was recognized by Farrell’s family, she had attended various banquets and activities with her mother
countless times, but she had never met Leo Giguere.
Leo stood up, smiled obsequiously, and stretched out his right hand towards Kathryn: “Miss Kathryn.”
“Mr. Giguere.”
Kathryn just nodded and did not shake hands with Leo.

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