Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2318

Leo didn’t feel embarrassed, and withdrew his outstretched hand.
He sat back to his original position with a calm expression, but kept looking at Kathryn.
Shiloh said with a smile at this time: “Sister Kathryn, Dad chose Second Young Master Giguere for you. You should get along
well with Second Young Master Giguere. Even though the Giguere family is not considered to be wealthy, but the family
conditions are not bad. At least the family property is several million.
However, Young Master Giguere’s parents don’t mind their son being a son-in-law. You must know that it’s hard to find a son-in-
law. It’s rare for someone to be willing. The first thing dad thinks of is you. Look, how kind dad is to you.”
What Shiloh said was gloating.
Her parents and family supported her in pursuing Hayden. Although she had been unable to pursue him, the family’s attitude
showed that they wanted her to become wealthy.
The man her adoptive father found for Kathryn was from a small family.
There was a family with a net worth of several million in the family, which was considered rich for ordinary people.
But in front of the rich families like the Farrell family, the Giguere family was poor.
With the comparison, Shiloh was in a great mood.
Some time ago, the unhappiness of being criticized by the adoptive mother disappeared.
It seemed that her adoptive parents were still the best for her.
That’s right, she grew up in Farrell’s parents, she was deeply loved by her parents and elder brothers, and she also received
education from successors when she was young.
Kathryn had only returned to Farrell’s family for more than a year, how could she be compared with Shiloh?
Erika followed Shiloh’s words, and she praised Leo, “Kathryn, Young Master Giguere is a good man. Although their Giguere
family is not as good as our Farrell family, you will be the head of our Farrell family in the future, so you can only recruit a son-in-

Young Master Giguere is very suitable for you. We also know that you have a good relationship with Young Master Queen, but
Young Master Queen is not what you can imagine. He is so outstanding, he will never marry you and become the son-in-law of
our Farrell family.
Young Master Giguere said that as long as you are willing to associate with him, I will help you take care of the housework with
peace of mind in the future, so that you have no worries, just like our father.”
Holden Janzen had been the door-to-door son-in-law of the Farrell family for decades, and he took care of the little things at
home and only the important things needed to be handled by Matriarch Farrell.
In short, Holden’s responsibility was to let Matriarch Farrell conceive and have a baby until the couple had at least one daughter.
Kathryn said indifferently: “Thank you for your kindness. I don’t want to get married at the moment. I can’t deal with work matters.
I don’t have the leisure to talk about love.”
Holden said: “Kathryn, falling in love doesn’t affect your work. Young Master Giguere is an honest and good man. As long as you
date him, he will settle down. He will only show up when you need him and when you don’t need him, he won’t disturb your work.
You’re old and you don’t even have a boyfriend. In Jensburg, you don’t know everyone well. I’m afraid it’s hard to find a man who
suits you on your own. I saw that Young Master Giguere is good, so I introduced him to you and lead the red thread.
Don’t worry; I’m your own father, and you are my own daughter. It is impossible for me to harm you.”
Leo was quite handsome, and judging from his appearance, he was a good match with Kathryn.
But Leo was a second-generation ancestor. He ate, drank, prostituted, and gambled.
His parents agreed that he should be Farrells’ son-in-law, but they just didn’t want to care about him anymore and gave up on
him. If someone wanted him, they would be happy.
Besides, the Farrell family, they also knew it.
In Jensburg, the wealthy family ranked last, but it was an old-fashioned wealthy family with a rich family background.
Their youngest son, Leo, was a prodigal son. Let him be the Farrells’ son-in-law; at least he didn’t have to ask them for money;
the Farrell family had plenty of money for him to spend.

If Kathryn could be as powerful as her mother and control her husband, the pocket money of her husband would not exceed five
hundred dollars a day. And she could manage her husband so that he has no money to eat, drink, prostitute, or gamble. Not only
could they get a daughter-in-law like Kathryn, but they could also help their son correct his shortcomings, killing two birds with
one stone.
Everyone in the Farrell family, with the exception of matriarch Farrell, was speaking to Kathryn and Leo and complimenting Leo
on his goodness and making an effort to match Kathryn and Leo.
After everyone talked a lot, Kathryn emphasized again: “Dad, I’m still thirty years old, don’t worry about getting married. Dad,
how old was my mother when she married you and came in?”

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