Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2319

The smile that Holden squeezed out couldn’t be more stiff.
Leo was who he was back then.
As long as Holden had a little ability, he wouldn’t marry into the Farrell family, become the son-in-law of the Farrell family, and
become the stallion of the Matriarch Farrell.
Luckily, Matriarch Farrell took care of Holden’s family pretty well. Holden’s parents, brothers, and sisters all got something out of
his sacrifice. It’s just that he didn’t have much freedom, especially when it came to money.
Matriarch Farrell guarded against him being promiscuous outside, and gave him no more than five hundred dollars of pocket
money every day.
If he desired to cheat, he lacked the courage to do so.
Over the years, there had been countless beauties throwing themselves into his arms, but he didn’t dare to accept it, and he
didn’t even dare to say a few more words to those beauties.
He knew all too well how cruel his wife was.
If he offended his wife, not only would he be unlucky, but his family would also suffer.
Especially after giving birth to Kathryn, having a daughter, and his wife’s peace of mind, the life of husband and wife was much
less. He was afraid that he would lose his usefulness and be abandoned by his wife. How could he dare to cheat?
It could be said that since entering Farrell’s family, Holden had been very aggrieved in the past few decades.
Who told him to be incompetent?
Seeing Leo was like seeing himself when he was young.
Holden: “Besides, marriage matters can’t be taken lightly. I don’t have that kind of feeling towards Young Master Giguere.
Twisted melons won’t be sweet, and I won’t eat those twisted melons.”
“Mom, even if I recruit a son-in-law in the future, I hope that my husband will be chosen by me, who is capable and can at least
help me solve my worries. I don’t want a man like my dad who has nothing but appearances.”

Holden had black lines on his face, “Kathryn, what are you talking about? I am your real father after all!”
“Matriarch, look at Kathryn, you don’t give me face at all when you say that about me, why am I not good? If I was not good,
would your mother choose me back then?”
“Yes, yes, I said something wrong. Dad is very good, very good.”
Kathryn looked a bit coaxing a child.
Matriarch Farrell said this seriously, and everyone dared not speak.
She looked at Kathryn, and first asked about Kathryn’s business.
“The project was taken down?”
“90% of the time, the contract is signed tomorrow, and that’s a certainty.”
Matriarch Farrell was quite happy, “That’s good. You did a good job this time and made great progress. I’m still worried that you
won’t be able to talk. The process went smoothly?”
Kathryn: “The way to the hotel was not smooth. My car broke down halfway and I was almost late.”
Hearing this, Matriarch Farrell frowned, “Why did your car break down? How long has it been since you had maintenance?
Tonight’s customers have a strong sense of time and hate others being late. If you are late, when you arrive at the hotel, he will
Kathryn: “So I rushed to the hotel with all my might, and I arrived at the hotel five minutes earlier than the agreed time, thanks to
Young Master Queen. After my car broke down, Young Master Queen came home from get off work. When he saw me, he sent
me to Greenrest Hotel. Mom, young master Queen helped me. I want to treat him to dinner tomorrow.”
Matriarch Farrell didn’t agree or object, but just said: “Kathryn, you and Young Master Queen have gotten closer, that’s Shiloh’s
favorite man, it’s not nice for two sisters to fight for a husband.”
Kathryn said, “Mom, Young Master Queen and I are just friends. I know Young Master Queen is not suitable for our Farrell

Kathryn glanced at Shiloh, and Shiloh became sour when she heard that Hayden sent Kathryn to the hotel.

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